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Week of April 29th, 2019

“Dear Everyone,

Tomorrow we are going to Alley and Sarah’s house to see some baby goats. One of Alley’s goats, Penelope, had quadruplets! We are going to see them all tomorrow and also we are going to do play practice!

“Alley’s goat had quadruplets! The runt (the last one out) had to come to school because she was sooooo fragile. She’s also cute. Her name is Ingrid! She came again on Thursday because the momma goat (Penelope) can only make enough milk for three, and Ingrid wasn’t getting enough milk (nutrients). That means she’s back to bottle feeding! Well that’s about it. Thank you for reading!”-Zooey

“Ingrid the baby goat came to school today!!! She is super cute. She drinks from a baby bottle. She wears a dog sweater. I love her sooooo much, I made a blanket for her.”-JJ

“Ingrid came to school today. Ingrid is a baby goat. She was born yesterday. She is small.”-Emma

“This week Sarah had a Writer’s Workshop. The workshop was a poem workshop. Sarah was teaching us a poem rhyming pattern. The rhyming pattern is AA BB CC and so on. The poem had to be about the character that you are in the play or a character from a book. To conclude, it was great to have a Writer’s Workshop.”-Cian

“Everyone is being funny with jobs.”-Mischa

“On Monday the trout tank was gunky. That’s about it for Monday. On Tuesday, the tank was gunky, so we siphoned. Wednesday’s tank had no gunk. Today, Thursday, Zooey is siphoning. And guess what? Last week on a hike at Merck Forest, we tested the temperature of a stream and it was exactly the same as our tank!!!! Also, there were no casualties this week.”-Addis

“Spanish On Monday the Eagles had Spanish…OUTSIDE! We learned a new song called Damos Gracias. We also played a game where someone would say a color (in Spanish) and everyone would run to something that color.

Music In Music, the Eagles sung The Lonely Goat Herd, Do-Re-Mi and played ukulele.

P.E. & O.L.S (Outdoor Living Skills) We all did a relay race in P.E. and streeeeeeetches. In O.L.S people were given partners and a blindfold. One of them puts on the blindfold and he or she holds their hand and takes them to a tree. They feel it, go back, take off the blindfold, and try to find the tree they touched.”-Noah

“We had OLS. OLS is nature learning. We played relay races. We played a game with blindfolds and trees. It was fun.”-Caleb

“We did O.L.S.”-Ryder

“We did music Tuesday in the community room because music is important.”-Gabriel

“This week we had math and silent read. In silent read we read a book and were silent. In math, Sarah got us flash cards. It was fun to look at the card and do the math problem.”-Colby

“Lucy my guinea pig came to school. She is cute and fuzzy and amazing. She has a cute sneeze. She crawls up your hair. She is mine.”-Charlie

“Charlie brought bubbles at school yesterday. They were fun. I like bubbles.”-Abby

“At Outside Time this week we mostly played Manhunt. We also played a little soccer, but not a lot. During the first outside time, we have two team captains. They rock, paper, scissors for who chooses first. The team that didn’t choose first hides first. Most people will hide behind the cars and when the seekers come out, they run off, often as a distraction. Now I’m going to show all of the players and their skills. Addis: jailbreaks, jukes, and creative runs Cian: speed and agility Cole: teamwork and speed Caleb: speed and agility Colby: teamwork and distractions Eden (me): jailbreaks and distractions Kelley: jukes and clutch plays Manhunt is getting kind of old, but it’s still really fun.”-Eden

“This week I’m writing about knitting. I finished my hat. You have to knit two blocks and sew them together. Then you have a hat. Some people do weaving instead.”-Cole

“On Thursday I am going to New York City. I am going because it’s my Grandma’s 70th birthday. I am going to play the violin. Dad is going to play guitar. Gabriel is playing piano. Mom is going to sing. My Grandma is also playing piano. All in all it will be fun.”-Rebecca

Love, Red Fox Community School Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mischa, Matilda, Abby, Emma, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Noah, Cian, Kelley and Cole

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