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Week of December 9th, 2019

“Dear Everyone,

“Caleb is a new owl!”-Henri

“I made cookies for Christmas.”-Ryder (Thank you for sharing, they were delicious!)

“At school me and Eleanor and Hazel are making dresses for Christmas. We are sewing them. But, the sewing machines aren’t working.”-Emma (If you have a working sewing machine we can borrow, the owls would most appreciate it!)

“Me, Emma, Matilda, Eleanor and Charlie are making a club. We started making it last week at school because we like to make stuff. We made it by asking people and making dresses.”-Hazel

“My mom and dad came to rehearse with us 2 days ago for practice. We sang.”-Gabriel (Thank you Maxine and Andrew!)

“Hazel, Emma, Eleanor and me made an animal game some days ago at school because we like animals. We became animals.”-Matilda

“I like to climb trees at school. It is very fun. I am part monkey. I jump from trees. My favorite thing to do is climb trees.”-Caleb

“This week we practiced our poems. We chose our poems last Monday and this week we started rehearsing for our winter poetry recital. Our first practice was in the Keva room and then we had a few practices in the Eagles classroom. Yesterday, we had a practice with Alley in the Eagles. Today, we had another practice with Alley. We also marked our poems for when we take breaths. We have made a lot of progress and we’re to rock the recital!”-Eden (Yes, you will! Come and see the show at 9 on Friday!)

“Yesterday, we read Pippi Longstocking. Pippi is very funny. Pippi has a horse and a monkey named Mr.Nielson. It is a very good book. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it. Overall, Pippi is awesome!”-JJ

“We made paper mache balloons at art today because it was fun. We made them with newspaper and glue.”-Beckett

“In art we’re making hot air balloons. We’re making them with paper mache and a balloon. After, we’re going to make a tiny character to put in the hot air balloon. I might paint my hot air balloon with stripes.”-Nicolas

“Today we have a sunny day but it is cold. It is cold because it is winter! Winter is fun because it has snow. It is fun to play in the snow because I love snow. I love snow men, I love snow angels and I love snow cones.”-Charlie

“Weather News! THE WEATHER IS CHANGING! It was snowing on 12/1/19. Then it rained and all the snow went away 🙁 It is just grass snow. It will rain again tomorrow 🙁 and Saturday. Then it will snow on Sunday! (YAY!) I hope it won’t rain again. I really want to go skiing. The highest today is 29 degrees. Wow!”-Rebecca

“This week we didn’t have to wear snow pants because there was no snow. It was warm. We didn’t have to wear a hat or gloves. There was rain instead of snow. I love the warm weather.”-Cole

“This week we can play soccer because the snow is gone but I don’t think it will last long. It is fun playing soccer when we can. I like playing soccer with big and small kids.”-Colby

“It is my share day.”-Talon

“Me and the rest of the class also known as Talon, Gabriel, Hazel, JJ, Matilda, Henri, Emma, Beckett, Ryder, Charlie, Caleb are doing newsletter right now. We make a picture of what we are writing. Why? Newsletter!”-Eleanor

Love, Red Fox Community School Talon, Henri, Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Matilda, Beckett, Emma, Eleanor, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Nicolas, Eden, Colby and Cole

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