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Week of February 5th, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

We celebrated our first annual winter fun day on Saturday! A HUGE thank you to Jesse and Laura for being such generous, hospitable and welcoming hosts. It was such a treat to eat delicious food while being surrounded by the mountains of Smokey House.  Everyone made cardboard sleds to race.  They showed off personality, hard work and creativity.  The sleds ranged from a tank (that you could actually sit inside)  to a boat complete with an anchor to a falcon.  Zooey and Phinn threw dynamite from their sled as it hurried down the hill. Colby’s sled included a go-pro to capture the joy of sledding down the hill. Caleb’s sled included carboard exhaust pipes!  Rebecca’s sled had a rainbow tail. We sledded for hours, made bread on a stick (which everyone loved), built a fire (one completely built by kids), played on the ice and drank hot beverages.  Thank you to everyone for coming and sharing in the merriment. All of you are so important to our community.

On Monday we did yoga in the couch room. We played a game that Noah cannot remember the name of. He would like to call it “Pose It”. There’s one person that has to sit in the chair and looks at the people doing a pose and then turns around and they change up. The person in the chair has to figure out what’s different.  We played it to help focus, have fun and move around. Noah thinks the whole class liked it. He knows he did. He hopes we do it again.

Lots of people were sick. Maxine was sick. Jeremy was sick. Emma, Eden and Zooey and Addis were sick. Gabriel missed them.

On Wednesday we had a snow day. We had to stay home. We had to because the roads were too snowy to drive on. Addis watched TV, read and played outside. It was really fun.

For the past two weeks we have been working on our 100 day projects. Some people do more than one. Emma’s 100 day project is 100 pompoms. Jay’s project is 100 bowties. Colby’s is 100 glue lines. Noah’s is 100 glasses of water. Zooey’s is 100 pages of life. Addis’ project is 100 minutes of reading. Rebecca’s is 100 necklaces. Jade’s is 100 buttons. Caleb’s is 100 scraps of paper. Finn’s is 100 blocks. Emma loves the 100th day of school.

Phinneas found a mansion with a slide on the other side of the driveway!

This week we had mindfulness with Kristin and Bearsy. We did a project called “Trains of Thought”. We did it on Monday and Tuesday at the big rug. We did it to let go of negative energy. We would close our eyes and get a thought and then Bearsy would say “choo-choo” and you would get a new thought. Bearsy is the pro at choo-choos. It was fun.

The Red Fox Community School made puppets before closing inside for our animal projects. We used paper mache.

Caleb found a huge snow pile at outside time. He climbed it.

The heater ran out of propane on Thursday. It ran out in the classroom because we use it everyday. It smelled. Sami brought us a space heater. It got refilled. Jay got cold.


The Red Fox Community School

Colby, Caleb, Rebecca, Gabriel, Zooey, Phinneas, Jade, Jay, Addis, Eden, Emma and Noah

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