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Week of June 11th, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

This is our last newsletter of the 2017-2018 year! It has been a year of building community, learning to support the needs of others, making connections between food and place and the people who work hard to feed us, camping trips, community days, woods exploring, Roxaboxen constructing and appreciating one another.  Wendell Berry wrote, “be like the fox who makes more tracks than necessary- some in the wrong direction.” This is where the name of our school comes from and we have certainly lived up to it. We have gone on many adventures, forged new friendships and learned to see the strength of each other.  Community is the knowledge we have of each other, the concern we have for each other, the trust we have for each other and the freedom to be seen and see each other. Thank you everyone sincerely for a first great year at Red Fox Community School.

“Monday was super awesome because I had a party for my school birthday.”-Phinneas

“Last recording/Music. On Tuesday the Red Fox Community School went to our last music class. We finished recording our album- Red Fox Greatest Hits! At the end we were all sad we had to leave but then we heard that Andrew and sometimes maybe Maxine are going to be our music teachers again next year!!! I personally love music!”-Zooey (Thank you Andrew so much for a great year of music class and recording us at your studio)

“Maeve has come almost every Thursday. Here are 3 things I love about Maeve. Uno- she’s so chill. Dos- She’s a couch potato. Tres- She’s so lovable to everybody. I’m so glad Maeve has come this year. It has made me love dogs even more and I didn’t think that was possible!”-Noah (Maeve says she loves Noah too)

“On Tuesday we got to go upstairs because we had to do math for the fire code. One thing we did was measure all the rooms. Me and Colby used a ruler to measure a room. Another thing we did was make a map. We drew the room and labeled the measurements. It was exciting and fun to go upstairs.”-Emma (Thank you Jeremy for helping with math!)

“On Wednesday we had a restarante. We had tacos. They were sooooo good. I loved them. I got to eat and work as a waiter. We also had cake and ice cream (pastel y helado). Our school did it. It was so fun because I got to really be a waiter. I took my orders in Spanish and told the chefs to cook it. We had it to learn more Espanol.”-Rebecca (The kids did all the steps of the restaurant and it was a great success!)

“This Thursday was an extra special day! Ryder was here. YAY! He got to do P.E, snack and newsletter. The reason Ryder was here is because Ryder’s school is done and he wanted to come to our school. Our school is pretty fun. We are all so happy Ryder is here because he’s awesome!”-Jay

“On Thursday we had P.E at the Rec Park. We played basketball and Tennis. It was fun.”- Ryder (Thank you Kristin, Maxine and Leigh for a great P.E)

“On Thursday we went to the rec park for P.E. I liked playing tennis.”-Caleb

“The blocks were closed for the summer and it was on Thursday. I was real sad about blocks being closed. I am looking forward to next year with blocks.”-Gabriel

“On Friday we are having  a country fair day. We are going to have food. There will be popcorn, apples and other snacks. We are also going to have games. There will be sack races, apple bobbing and a 3 legged race. It will be fun.”-Colby (All extremely accurate. Thank you Sarah and Leigh and everyone who ran activities for a marvelous country fair).

“There will be a country fair. It will be so much fun. Cian and Kelly will be there, that will make it extra fun. There will be a lot of games. What I am most excited for are the sack races and badminton. I am also interested in seeing what the fortune telling will be like. I am crazy, crazy, crazy sad because I am gluten free and I can’t eat pretzels but Alley just said we might not do pretzels anymore.”-Eden (update the country fair was awesome, Martha was a great fortune teller, Cian and Kelly we missed you and the gluten free waffles were scrummy- thanks Sami!)

“On Monday and Tuesday of next week we are having a monster truck rally. That means a super deep clean of the classroom that usually takes 1 day or more. We’re doing the monster truck rally so that the classroom is tidy for the summer. Addis loves monster truck rallies. Everyone will get a job to do and once everyone’s job is the done, the monster truck rally will be over–finally!”- Addis

“We are going to Emerald Lake and we are going to have a feast at Emerald Lake. We are going swimming in Emerald Lake. We are going to go on Wednesday- the last day of school! I’m so excited because I like swimming.”-Jade

See you all next week for monster truck rally and Emerald Lake! Have a wonderful summer!


Red Fox Community School

Ryder (for this week), Gabriel, Phinneas, Jade, Caleb, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Emma, Eden, Colby, Noah and Jay

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