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Week of March 18th, 2019

“Dear Everyone,

“The weather is changing in Vermont. The earth is getting closer to the sun. Days are getting warmer. Equinoxes mark the distance around the sun. It takes a year or 365 days for the earth to move around the sun. We learned about Equinoxes this week. I love spring because it is getting warmer.”-Rebecca

“Dollar words. 100 cents…no that’s 97, better try the next one…On Monday we worked on dollar words. Dollar words are words that have letters that add up to 100 cents, a= 1 cent, b=2 cents, c= 3 cents all the way to z=26 cents. Even though it’s mostly trial and error, I still think it’s really fun. So far I’ve found 3: Wednesday, Conjunct and beginnings. We have a poster that we write down all the dollar words we find on. Let’s see…98…too short. I guess I’ll try again…Oh! Sorry! Like I said, they’re really fun. Bye!”-Addis

“All of us played Boggle on Tuesday at school (to help us Spell). First you get a piece of paper, then you shake the letter cage, you open the lid and then start playing. You have to write as many words as you can given the letters you have. If you get the same word as someone else you don’t get a point. It’s really fun.”-JJ

“This week Cian and Kelley brought in lacrosse sticks. They brought in 3 sticks. Every Eagle wanted to use them. Cian and Kelley do lacrosse lessons. Cian and Kelley are good at the lacrosse and it is fun to pass.”-Colby

“On Tuesday we went to the Bennington Museum. First, we looked at a painting. Our guide, Deana, asked us what we saw. We had some theories and Deana handed out some printouts of the picture so that we could see clearly. Our main theory turned out to be right. The theory was that a Southern soldier was giving food a Northern solider prisoner. The painting was called “The Compassionate Enemy”. We did that for about an hour. Next, Deana gave us a little tour. First, we looked at a big room with a lot of stuff in it. Deana showed us some medical and dental equipment. Next, we explored on our own. Deana showed us a picture of an old Church, then explained that we were in the Church. It was really funny. Next, we looked at a really cool car. In the end we looked at a weapon room and a painter gallery. It was lit.”-Eden

“This week we went to the Bennington Museum. There was an old car. It was a way different type of car than the car people use now a days. It was driven there in 1980.”-Cole

“This week we went to the Bennington Museum. One thing that we went to specifically see what the school room where they had old chalk boards, old clothes, and a chair where students would sit and have this cone hat that said “Dunce” in front of the whole class. We saw chalk boards that you would scrape on and an old chess set. Another room was the Grandma Moses art room. It had a bunch of art books, and a TV playing Grandma Moses’ art and I saw a lot of interesting pictures/art. We also saw a lot of artifacts in the museum and I hope that we go there again.”-Kelley

“This week on Tuesday we went to the Bennington Museum. At the museum there was a flag. The people thought it was from the battle of Bennington, but it was made after the battle. Also, they had to keep the flag in a dark room, they had to do that so the flag does not fade. All in all it was exciting.”-Cian

“Old Church! Once a long time ago, there was a church. Not just any Church, the first Catholic Church in Bennington! Rewind—Our tour guide Deana brought us to this room that medical equipment, toys, instruments, dental equipment and old paintings all from the 17-1800s! So everyone was looking around and Deana said, “loot at this picture!” It was a picture of people bowing down at the church windows. Now look at the ones that are in this room. Yes, you are in that church! Holy Smokes! I’m in history!!!!”-Zooey

“Our class did curved, both and straight letters yesterday at school because it was math. You write letters and see if they are curved, straight or both.”-Gabriel

“Elliott had a birthday yesterday here. He is 2. He had a birthday because birthdays only come once a year.”-Abby

“Yesterday I played twister I had to do a split but it was fun.”-Hazel

“The trout came out!”-Ryder

“Trout swam up and out of their baskets yesterday at Red Fox because they are bigger . They used their fins to swim out.”-Matilda

“The school played a deer game at P.E in the parking lot for exercise. Some people are deer and some people are resources. The deer run to the resources.”-Caleb

Love, Red Fox Community School Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mischa, Matilda, Abby, Emma, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Noah, Cian, Kelley and Cole

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