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Week of March 25th, 2019

“Dear Everyone

“The class got new seats.”-Ryder

“Sarah let the trout in the tank today at school because they were ready to be in the tank. She put the box in the water. They are all out and swimming.”-Charlie

“On Wednesday we played a game called copperdoodle. It started by Addis wanting to do a wizard game. In the first outside time, we didn’t do it. In the second outside time we chose our powers. In the beginning it was just me, Addis, and Noah. My power was that I could draw stuff, and it would become real. I know that it’s overpowered, but to restrict my powers, I could only draw on a special sketch pad. Addis could control any element that he could see. Noah could transform into any dragon in Wings of Fire and he needed to say the dragon name. At around the time we finished making powers, some other people joined. Colby’s power was super strength. A little after Colby, Zooey and JJ joined. Zooey’s power was that she could turn into any video game character. JJ could turn into any animal. We didn’t really do anything but it was really fun!”-Eden

“Our school played King’s Land today outside for fun. Someone is the king but you don’t know who. We sing a song. When the song is over if the king touches you than you are out.”-Gabriel

“This week we played this game called King’s Land. How you play is you put your heads down and then would get picked to be the king, then you walk around the circle singing a song, after the song stops if you’re the king you raise your hand and try and tag people around you. The last person or people standing. It is a lot of fun and I hope we keep playing Kings Land in the future.”-Kelley

“I found a chalk rock that is gold.”-Mischa

“Emma went to the Canary islands. It is in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. She was gone for two weeks. She came back today.”-JJ

“I was miserable on the plane because I had nothing to do. I played a game.”-Emma

“On Tuesday and Wednesday we gave our Civil War presentations. We each chose a topic, researched it for about a month, built a visual (tri-fold, diorama, etc) and presented it to our classroom, our parents and sometimes the owls. I presented first! I was researching battle tactics and strategy. Zooey went after that, and then we went outside, had community sing, and ate lunch. Then we came back inside for Noah and Eden’s presentations. On Wednesday Cole went, and then Colby. Then, after community sing, lunch and outside time, we went back inside for Cian and Kelley’s presentations. It feel sooo nice to have that weight off my shoulders. Well, goodbye!”-Addis

“This week we had music with Maxine and she taught yodeling. We sang a song from The Sound of Music. She is good at yodeling and it is fun.”-Colby (Thank you Maxine!)

“Music with Maxine. On Wednesday we had music with Maxine and she taught yodeling, which sounds really cool. She also taught us that if you do a very low voice your chest vibrates and when you do it high, it doesn’t. Also we had it outside! It’s about a goat that’s lonely and is trying to find love. Then there’s a little girl goat that’s in a pale pink coat, and it’s them responding yodels. Then they get married and their “duet will become a trio lay ee odl ee odl-oo”. This is a great song and I’m excited to learn it, “lay ee odl ee odl-oo”.”-Zooey

“Pippa visited on Tuesday to see if she wanted to go to this school next year.”-Hazel (Thank you Pippa for visiting!)

“Pippa visited Red Fox yesterday at Red Fox to she if she wants to go to school here.”-Matilda

“This week we had Maker Groups. I was in big blocks with Addis, Ryder and Gabriel. Gabriel built a parking lot, Addis and I built a abstract museum and Ryder build a hotel. Then our museum fell. To sum it up, it was exciting!”-Cian

“The school had P.E at P.E time at school for fun. We played SPUD.”-Caleb

“This week we did knitting! We are making hats.I’m half way through my hat. We do knitting on Thursdays. Knitting is fun because you can make new things. I had to restart a couple times like everyone else. I’m excited to do knitting again.”-Cole

“I am writing about owl town today at school because I wanted to. I wrote in my journal.”-Abby

Love, Red Fox Community School Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mischa, Matilda, Abby, Emma, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Noah, Cian, Kelley and Cole

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