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Week of November 27th, 2017

“Dear Everyone,

We went to Yoder Farm on Friday.  Yoder Farm has a lot of orchards. They also have a lot of gardens.  Ryan is the boss.  It’s a production farm.  The gardens have a lot of berries. It’s a lot of fun.  Ryan gave us a tour of the farm.  We learned so much.  We learned about fermentation for their cider vinegar, how they wash carrots, how they thresh beans, their hydroelectric damn, carbon sequestration and how hard Ryan works.  We also got to eat carrots, apples and popcorn all from the farm.  Ryan was a patient and inspiring host.  Thanks Ryan!

We picked one or two poems to recite for our poetry recital on December 15th.  We are going to have the recital at school. To be exact it is called “Red Fox Community School”.  Zooey loves it.  We all practiced over break and at morning meeting we stand up and say “Hi my name is _____and I will be reciting_____ by____”. That’s how we practice our poems.

Jay had share. He brang in cookies.

We did Yoga on Monday. We used our imagination and our bodies to make our favorite dessert.  We did Yoga to be flexible and to be fun.

Alley brought in new games-outfoxed and rat a tat cat. Phinneas likes them a lot!

On Tuesday we had music. We learned a new song called “Bump up tomato” in the afternoon. We liked it.

Three people published their books this week. The people that published their books this week were Rebecca, Jay and Emma.  the books are called “The Police Dog”, “Baby Red Panda Can’t Find Food” and “How to Find a UFO”.  The police dog was about a police dog that tried to catch bad guys. Emma wrote it.  The stories were fun to write. All in all it was great to share our stories.

Last week we read “A Cricket in Times Square”. The chapter we read is where Mario brings Chester (the cricket) the diner where Mario’s friend Mickey works. Mickey made Chester a soda. Mickey got Chester his own private cup too. Chester met a man named Mr.Smedley who decided to give Chester music lessons.  All an all Chester has a lot of things on his plate. This week we did not read “A Cricket in Times Square”.  Jay misses Chester, Harry, Tucker and Mario.  He hopes to read the book soon. (update -We did read it later that afternoon. Jay was happy.)

Thursday we didn’t have school.  Some people said, “No!” Some people said “Yes!” and Noah said “but tomorrow is Thursday and Maeve comes that day”. But, oh well! We have teacher conferences tomorrow. We have teacher conferences to check in on how the kid’s are doing at school. So, we didn’t have school.

We made a banner at school for the tractor parade. It says “Red Fox Community School”. We made it for the tractor parade. First we learned what metaphors are and then we made a poem about a metaphor for our community. Rebecca’s metaphor for the community was a bunny because bunnies are calm and she feels calm at school. Then we drew our metaphors on the banner. It was fun to color it in.

We are going to the tractor parade on Saturday. We are doing it for fun in Manchester. We are going to ride on the tractor.

Bye! Bye!


Red Fox Community School

Addis, Eden, Emma, Colby, Caleb, Jade, Phinneas, Jay, Zooey, Rebecca, Gabriel and Noah”

(This was taken from journal entries)

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