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We believe education is an opportunity for bringing meaningful change to the world around us.  Through shared authentic experiences, emphasis on the learning process, and the building of meaningful connections with the outside world, we envision our students to be empowered stewards of intellectual freedom, community mindedness, and of the natural world around them.  

Fox Tracks

Bordered by the West Branch of the Battenkill River, the Historic Marble Rail Trail and the Manchester Civic Center fields, Red Fox Community School is an independent K-5 elementary school. In three multi-age classrooms children learn by doing, are encouraged to ask questions and try out big ideas, and wholeheartedly support one another in their efforts. 


Fox Tracks gives you a glimpse into what the students have been working on during the fall of 2023.

"I love that we can act out our learning at

Red Fox Community School and we have a lot of fun doing it."

-Rebecca, RFCS 2019 graduate