Frequently Asked Questions

What is Red Fox's progressive approach to education?

At Red Fox Community School we teach children how to learn. Children learn to understand themselves as learners and to advocate for what they need in order to learn best. By placing an emphasis on the process of learning, students become life-long learners and stewards of their own education. This progressive approach to teaching and learning values the whole child, giving each student the space and time to learn and grow as an individual both social-emotionally and academically.

What is the size of a typical class?

Classes are capped at 12 students. However, our classes are multi age which allows a larger range of progression in all aspects of both social emotional and academic studies while still maintaining the small class size.

What special classes are offered?

Every student attends art, music and spanish classes every week. And within their home class students study special areas of interest such as fiber arts: which includes knitting and sewing. We also teach and incorporate cooking and outdoor skills: students learn to whittle and cook over open fires, and build shelters. They also learn about basic first aid.

Does Red Fox participate in JISP?

Our students and families love to participate in the Junior Instructional Ski Program. Our students ski at Bromley on Fridays. So during the winter students can be picked up from school starting at 11:30 on Fridays to head up to the mountain.

How is Red Fox "community minded"?

At Red Fox we explicitly teach kindness and respect. Our students learn to support one another whole-heartedly, every day. We also expect our families to regularly engage in and actively support our school community. This includes hosting school events, chaperoning field trips, volunteering in our classrooms, and more.

What is the typical school week schedule?

Classes start at 8:30 am and our day ends at 3pm Monday thru Thursday. Students can arrive at school starting at 8am. Fridays are typically used for projects, outdoor education and field trips. Students are dismissed at 12:30pm every Friday.

Do you have after school programming?

Yes, we offer programs after school Monday-Friday including Art With Maria, Afternoons With Dave and Movement With Daphne. Our after school teachers offer a wide variety of activies including lots of outdoor and play time. Students are required to bring their own snack. Cost is in addition to tuition.

What are Saturday School Days?

Four days a year we have community Saturday school. Family Campout and the Fall Harvest Festival are held in the fall. Family Snow Day is in the winter and finally Spring Zephyr Festival is in the spring. Beyond the intrinsic value of each day, they are days designed to allow parents to experience some of our school activities.

Does my child need to be fully vaccinated to attend Red Fox?

Yes, as of January 2021, students must be vaccinated unless there is a medical exemption.

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