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Mission & Values


The Red Fox Community School educates students through a progressive approach to be independent thinkers, creative problem solvers, and engaged, respectful community members.

Vision Statement

At Red Fox Community School, we are first and foremost a community of children, families, and educators.  We are committed to developing relationships in which all are welcome and encouraged to share their voice and feel respected as integral members of the community.

At Red Fox Community School, education is an opportunity for bringing meaningful change to the world around us.  Through shared authentic experiences, emphasis on the learning process, and the building of meaningful connections with the outside world, we envision our students to be empowered stewards of intellectual freedom, community mindedness, and of the natural world around them.  

Our school is a place where children learn by doing, are encouraged to ask questions and try out big ideas, and wholeheartedly support one another in their efforts.  

Core Values

  • Social & Emotional Development An understanding that social and emotional development and growth is at the heart of learning.  Life demands of us the ability to cooperate, work together, compromise, be effective communicators, and respect a multitude of viewpoints.

  • Low Student/Teacher Ratio A low student to teacher ratio allows classroom experiences to be tailored to meet the needs of both the individual learners and the greater classroom community.

  • Multiple Areas Of Study A rigorous, integrated curriculum that incorporates learning in the following areas: literacy, math, social studies, science, art, music, physical education, foreign language, fiber arts, carpentry, and outdoor living skills.

  • Learning Groups Proficiency and interest based groupings for reading, writing, and math instruction.

  • Traditions A recognition of the importance of building whole school traditions.

  • Community Minded A relationship with and understanding of the people and places of the greater community; a deep understanding of the natural world around us.

  • Social Justice A commitment to social justice and to making our community a better place in meaningful, age-appropriate ways.

  • Teamwork Partnerships with all Red Fox School Community members developed through daily conversations, weekly updates, study group centered around progressive education, and invitations to help with school-wide community social and other events. 

  • Comfortable Environment An environment that fosters and supports self-confidence, integrity, compassion, creativity, activism, courage, curiosity, happiness, empathy, responsibility, kindness, and ethical citizenship.

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