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Blossoming into Spring with the Hawks (ages 7-9)

by Sarah Post


Spring brings creativity, flexibility, and celebration to the Hawks classroom. We started the season with a call to action from young people around the world to help save our soil. Hawks, Owls, and Eagles watched an informational video about threats to the health of our soil. We then responded to the call to action at the end of the video “to make art about soil”. As a school we decided to write and perform a play about threats to soil and how we can all help. The creative flow was strong in everyone! We worked in mixed age groups and everyone brainstormed and fed off each other’s ideas. The result was a wonderfully creative and funny play that we performed for our community on our RF Backyard Theater Stage one beautiful spring evening.

Hawks have so much to celebrate! All year Hawks loved learning how to write and read the cursive alphabet. This spring we celebrated with a cursive party complete with streamers, a special treat, and a fun shaving cream activity. Hawks understand the importance of cursive to write more efficiently and easily. In Math lots of brain power went into learning about the connections between patterns of skip counting and the concept of multiplication. Hawks studied what it means to multiply–to make more of something. We practiced being flexible in our thinking to find more than one way to get to an answer when working on problems with equal groups of something. We ended our exploration with learning how to express a multiplication fact with symbols in the form of an equation. Hawks also celebrated reading progress by giving a “book talk” about a book they finished this May. With all of these goings-on, Hawks have had to be flexible with schedules and make room for projects like the play and planting seeds. Hawks learned about seed germination. We were so excited to find that we kept some lettuce alive all winter long in our cold frame. Then we planted lettuce, spinach, kale, radishes, dill, cilantro, carrots and peas in our garden box. Hawks also started some flowers and bean seeds inside and then transplanted them into bigger containers to plant in our gardens at school and at home. Lastly, Hawks are celebrating the end of the school year and the start of summer–a transition that typically carries mixed emotions for everyone as we say goodbye and pack up another Red Fox school year filled with fun, joy, creativity and togetherness.

"We are working on costumes and reading through our play. I am so excited to practice the play all together today. My part is a customer and a flower. " -Winter

"We are writing our play at school. We based it off soil. It is turning into sand. We watched a video about taking care of soil. There are three groups. My group is about time travel. " -Harrison

"Most of the boys and I are making a mansion at school. I found at least 50 pieces of material. It is a lot of material." - Cassia

"Cassia, Harrison, Gabriel and I are building a dream home in Roxaboxen also known as Hawgolwood. We are making it with boards and sticks. We are making a second story. We will build it after lunch." - Ava


Explore. Discover. Learn

Some of our adventures this winter:

Bike Day!

Open Mic 2023

Visit to Second Chance Animal Shelter

Spring Zephyr Saturday School Day

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