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Eagles December 2021 Newsletters

"This week we picked out poems for the poetry recital. We had to look with our reading buddies and I found what I wanted in the first book. It was a large heavy hard covered book called, Read Aloud Poems For Young People. The poem I picked was called, Choosing their Names. We have to memorize them over Thanksgiving Break. I think that it will take a long time put it all be ready." - Nina

"I made a snow fort at home. I made it with a block maker. It was fun when snow fell on me from a tree. I built with my mom. It was fun. The end." - Sammy

"Dave showed us a sheet that said, "VT Nuclear taking Emerald Lake". We had to pick a side for it or against it. Then we had to write two reasons why we choose that side, read and write facts about the reason then write who wrote the fact about the reason. Anddd I haven't gotten to the next part yet but Dave told us what to do but I won't tell you." - Max

"At Roxaboxen I made a bakery and it was fun. But I closed it because I wasn't getting any customers so now I'm going to just going to have a home. And I did a game at the bakery and if you won it you get a free cake and it was fun." - Mack

"It snowed a lot this week and it was very fun. On Monday we had really good snowball snow so we had a big snowball fight. On Tuesday we didn't have good snowball snow so we played tag/ freeze tag. One Wednesday the snow was starting to melt and it was very wet so it was sticking together really well. We made a small snowball then rolled it around in other snow and it made HUGE snowballs, and with those we made a really big fort. It was so fun building it and seeing everyone work together. I hope it snows soon because it was a lot of fun." - Leo

"This Thanksgiving I spent at my new house in Dorset. The day before Thanksgiving my grandma came up from New York. On Thanksgiving morning me and my dad went skiing at Killington. When we came home my mom, brother and grandma were making the turkey. It was 17 pounds so it cooked for 4 hours. Then we made the sides, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, green beans and rolls. It was amazing. After dinner we watched home alone and then we went to bed. All an all it was a good Thanksgiving." - Wednesday

"This week it is hot. This week it was hot and I made the mistake of wearing pants. I was so hot. It was even hotter in the field (there was no shade). In Roxaboxen it was less hot. All in all I cannot wait till it snows." - Jordis

"In the field this week a snow fort was built. There were lots of people who built it. Leo, Gavin, Mack, Max, Gabriel and Jack all helped build the snow fort and the snow fort was big." - Jack

"This week I have had Covid. It was so boring. Mostly all I did was sit on the couch and watch TV. My brother and sister had Covid also. Some of our friends had to bring us groceries. I was worried that I would have a lot of work to make up from school but it is not actually that much. I am happy that I can leave my house and go to school." - Gavin

"Last Tuesday we started Thanksgiving Break!! My family and I did soooooooo many fun things like EAT, break crackers (not the eating kind), relax, get 2 xmas trees, put lights on the trees, put ornaments on the trees. P.S. my favorite one is the Mets shirt. And NOW we are back to school. I am looking forward to xmas break. Then end." - Gabriel

"In field time, me, Adeline, and Ella made chairs. It's kinda a fort. Adeline's was the best, mine was not so good and Ella's kinda looked like a urinal. Anyways, ti took two whole outside times and we aren't even done! In conclusion, it was fun. " - Evelyn

"We picked poems last week! I picked a poem called, Mother Otter Gives Advice to Her Pup. It goes like this:

Sleeping otter, swirling sea,

Be careful not to float away.

Hold my hand—stay close to me,

Sleeping otter, swirling sea.

This kelp, so long and tangly

Will help you not to go astray.

Sleeping otter, swirling sea,

Be careful not to float away!

I love that poem! And the book that I got it from (drumroll please!) A Songbird Dreams of Singing by Kate Hosford." - Ella

"This week we choose poems for our poem recital at the Southern Vermont Arts Center. I was going to do a poem alone but then Wednesday asked if I wanted to do one with her. I said yes. Then Jordis asked if she could join but we could not find any poems with more than one part. So, I was looking for a poem for myself and Jordis came up to me with a two person poem. Now we are doing one together. The story we choose is funny. I am the Mewho and Jordis is the door opener." - Adeline

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