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Eagles November Newsletters

"Today we had a visitor, his name was Dylan. Dylan is nine years old. He might come next year for fifth grade. Dylan is good at football and he knows Gabriel. I hope he comes next year. It felt good having a good football player. Dylan is very smart, he is good at math." - Leo

"This was a good week. We have been working on a newspaper dome. We roll up newspaper really tight and then cut them 13 and 14 inches long. It will look really cool when it is done. On Friday we had a Halloween party! The graduating kids and some 4th graders made a fire and the entire school roasted marshmallows. It was so fun!" - Gavin

"This week in math we made hundred books. We wrote numbers in the first two columns of a hundred chart up tone thousand. I was the second person done up to one thousand, and Gavin was the first person done. After I went to a hundred I went to two thousand, three thousand and four thousand. I was the only kid who went past one thousand in their book." - Adeline

"Yesterday Red Fox picked poems! The Poetry Recital is on Tuesday December 14th. I'm reciting 2 poems both 2 pages. One is called Chasing a Dragon Through the Woods and the next one is called My Parents Have the Flu. I chose those poems because they are funny. P.S. the book is called, It's Raining Pigs and Noodles. READ IT!!!" - Gabriel

"This week we made 1,000 books. We started to make our 1,000 books on Tuesday. I will paint you a picture of my 1,000 book. We used grids of 100 squares. The 100 charts are very helpful." - Jordis

"There was a harvest festival and there were tons of activities like the donut eating (which I won) and we got to press cider." - Jack

"Today we went to SVAC! We made art work out of plastic! I made a very hungry patapiller playground! I made the caterpillar out of an egg carton. It had a basketball hoop and balance beam! We also saw big shells made of plastic handing from the wall. It was fun!" - Ella

"On Wednesday in Roxaboxen our cat aka Max destroyed our home. Me, Jack, and Gavin did it too by accident and then we tried to build it back up. We did a little bit and it fell down so at Roxaboxen at after school we moved, and Sammy bought our home land and now we are rich and have moved to a new home and we have a nice bed for the cat." - Mack

"I built nest with Barnaby. It was fun. It was sunny at the field. It helps the birds. At recess, we built with hay." - Sammy

"On Wednesday's we have Spanish class with profesora Lisa. For day of the dead we had candy! After class profe had Jordis, Adeline and myself go in the class room and put pictures up stuff like frog, table, backpack etc. Then we put the words under them (in Spanish). So now we have a Español wall. This helps us remember how we say and spell. And hopefully this will help us learn." - Wednesday

"This week we picked out poems for the poetry recital. We had to look with our reading buddies and I found what I wanted in the first book. It was a large heavy hardcover book called Read-Aloud Poems For Young People. The poem I picked was called Choosing Their Names. We have to memorize them over Thanksgiving Break. I think that it will take a long time but we will all be ready." - Nina

"Last Friday we went to SVAC (Southern Vermont Art Center) for a field trip. We found our reading buddies and did a scavenger hunt. As we looked at galleries, there were red and green sticker to put next to artwork we lied or didn't like. We also did this thing where your partner found something they liked and you would try to draw it as they described it. At the end of the day we made sculptures out of recycled things. (BTW, my partner was Nina) In conclusion, going to SVAC was very fun." -Evelyn

"There is a forest next to Red Fox called Roxaboxen which I'm sure all you parents know about it's the talk to the town (school I mean school if you guys didn't get it then here's a joke you will get I grilled a cheese sandwich as usually I got no info). Roxaboxen is very fun the whorl school does there after lunch which tastes good. Roxaboxen is peaceful "all" the time but there are fights from time to time. I was also part of a family in Roxaboxen but I knocked down our house." - Max

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