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Owls November Newsletters

"I picked a poem for the poetry recital." - Cassia

"I picked a poem. Cassia picked, What Is Gold. I picked What Is White for the poetry recital." - Isla

"Our field trip to SVAC, my reading hubby, Jordis and I built a forest with a deer and its den nearby. I call it the Wild Wood." - Ruby

"I played with my friend Wolfe and we played Candyland." - Barnaby

"I was playing in the field with my friend Barnaby. We played Candyland. I loved it. It was the best." - Wolfe

"I am excited and nervous for the poetry recital." - Luka

"I played in the field with Barnaby. We turned him into a good guy when he was a bad guy." - Elijah

"I like playing with Barnaby in the field. We played good guys and bad guys." - Luc

"Adeline and I made two creations together at the Southern Vermont Arts Center." - Winter

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