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Transitioning into Fall with the Owls

by Sarah Post


The Owls classroom this Fall is all about transitions, routines, and new friendships. In the multi-age (K/1) Owls classroom, students are immersed in engaging math and language arts activities with our theme of “Water” sprinkled throughout. We investigated the water cycle and the properties of water. Currently we are thinking about the question, “Who needs water?” The transition from summer to the new school year is filled with mixed emotions of excitement, apprehension and anticipation. We give space for all these emotions in the Owls classroom. It’s okay to miss home and be ready for the end of the day. It’s also okay to need some space at times and to sit quietly by oneself.

Owls enjoyed learning about each other by sharing about themselves as we each made a square for our paper bag quilt. Owls designed their own square with something that represents themselves and then learned how to sew it to thicker paper using a needle and embroidery thread. While the classroom often changes shape during the day (tables are turned into forts and blocks and games move about the room), we stick to our routines to anchor us throughout the day. We use many routines that we learned during the first couple of weeks of school. We give owl eyes and look to the adult when we hear the Owl Hoot. We take off outside shoes and put on inside shoes when we enter the classroom. We offer to help others clean up, even if we did not make the mess. These are just a few of the routines Owls have come to rely on this fall. Routines bring comfort and predictability, especially after the weekend or a longer break.

Owls have loved making new friends and connections this year. Whether connecting about Bigfoot sightings, making potions and mud soups, or a game of Sleeping Queens, Owls find joy in sharing things that they love with each other. Along with sharing about ourselves, we strive to treat each other with respect and kindness as we wrote in our Classroom Agreement. We refer to this document throughout the year whenever we need reminders of how to be in and out of the classroom.

“I like playing with blocks.” - Grant

“I like playing outside with my friends.” - Ryder

“I played Baby Yoda with Isla.” - Michael

“We celebrated Halloween.” - Emerson


Explore. Discover. Learn

Some of our adventures this fall:

Back to School Picnic

Mountain Day 2023

Harvest Festival 2023

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