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Eagles February Newsletters 2022

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

"This week we started to clean out the river, just my friends and I. It was disgusting!!!! Green algae, weird water plants and once a weird, long, thin, gross worm thing, I hope I never see it again." -Nina

"Frank Masbi is the host/icon of the sport Masabi. Masabi is a sport where you run up a snow bank and strike a pose. Frank Masabi's great-grandfather Morris Masabi created the sport! Frank was the number one Masabier male in the Oylmpics. Evelyn and Adeline are top two in the women's Olympics.... and this is art of Masabi!" - Wednesday

"Gavin is fun. Gavin is creative. Gavin is nice. Gavin is my friend. :) Gavin has a big heart. He has a hat. He is white. He has blue eyes. He is 10." - Sammy

"Last Friday we went ice skating and it was very fun. It was fun because ice skating is fun and kills time. We had to go skating because it was school. I fell like five times and hurt my head but I'm okay, luckily. Gavin was the fastest skater. We had snack then walked back to school. All in all it was very fun." -Max

"Riding my dirt bike has been so much fun and since the weather changed I've been able to ride it a lot. I'm able to go fast and alone. I know how to change gears and I know where to turn it on. It's annoying when my brother Davis takes it when he did not ask." -Mack

"This week we made really big snow fort. We started building them last Thursday, it was me, Max, Jack and Gavin. We made three different holes, dug them out and made them deep then we connected them. We worked on them a lot, and by Tuesday we pretty much hollowed out the big snow piles. On the other side Mack started another hole, made it deep and connected to ours. We worked on them for a day. Then Mack's hole collapsed. We were sad. We knew ours was next so we destroyed it. I hope we make a new one when it snows again." -Leo

"This week we will display our 100 day projects. Evelyn and I made 100 clay animals. Making 1 clay animals took about 1 minute. My friend Nina is making 100 shrinky-dinks. Adeline is making 100 wooden eggs. All in all the 100 day is fun." -Jordis

"This week we all were going to have a sled race on Monday but it got canceled. So the next day everybody brought their sleds and then they sledded onto the ice. When you were going down the hill you feel the cool breeze blowing against your face. You would go faster depending on which sled you used and how you sledded. What I like to do is to start running and then jump onto the sled and you should go really far. It was really fun and Gabriel built a sled that could fit four people. I rode with Gabriel on the sled for a bit and after a while Gavin and Mack joined and all four of us rode down the hill together. Some people didn't bring cardboard sled and they just rode normal sleds. Max gave me his cardboard sled and it worked well. But it was kind of small for me so I rode on Gavins sled instead. Me and Gavin both rode together on Mack's sled. It was really fun." -Jack

"During break I did sooooo many things. I went skiing, I watched Spiderman Homecoming. I watched Spiderman Far From Home. I watched Spiderman No Way Home in a MOVIE THEATER!!!!! I read 5 books, and I went ice skating. The best book I read was Last Kids on Earth and the Nightmare King and the favorite Spiderman movie I watched was No Way Home which was also the sadist." -Gabriel

"Over break and basically every second of my life, I am reading The Hunger Games. Right now I'm rereading it. It's the best book ever. It's better than anything else in the world. It's better than Harry Potter (by very far). And I'm just gonna keep rereading it until my days are gone and never ever am I going to read anything else. And I'm gonna make my kids read it, their kids and their kids and so on. I will NEVER STOP READING THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!! In conclusion, The Hunger Games is the best. PS my favorite character is Peeta or Rue or Johanna." -Evelyn

"We all went ice skating on 2/11/22. It was fun! One reason it was fun was that it was fun that I kept falling, but when I used the red thingy I went really fast!" -Ella

"This week the field turned into an ice rink. It was awesome. Some people brought cardboard sleds. We went down ice hills onto ice rivers. We crashed the box and turned it into a vacation home. We were stuck on an island. We borrowed Gabriel's boat. It broke on ice over my head, it hurt." -Adeline

"This week on Wednesday I didn't but some other people brought in cardboard sleds to school. My favorite sled was Wolfes because it looked like a tank and it had his initials - WRS on it. At the base of the hill there was a sheet of ice and if you stood up on it you would slip. I used a plastic sled and I realized that when you get a running start you can go a lot farther. When Max and I raced I used this tactic and won. Wednesday was super fun and yah." - Gavin

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