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Eagles January Newsletters 2022

"Today we had a break right before this and I didn't know what to do. I saw one of my friends, Ella, she was cleaning the board. I thought it would be worth trying because the board is covered in white board marker that Dave couldn't erase because the board is really bad. We had to use paper towels, white board cleaner and we had to press really hard! We only got about half of the board done before we had to stop, honestly it was HARD!" -Nina

"This week we had Roxaboxen where there was an amazing fire and built snow forts next to Roxaboxen. The fire was on an 8 degree day with a wind chill that made it feel like 4 degrees. The fire made it feel like 30 degrees when you were standing next to it. Now for the forts- the forts all over the place, some were inside of the snow piles and some were built of small snow bricks. (Pretty sure the wolf could touch it and it would come crashing to the ground.) So that's all the news I have for whoever reads this." -Max

"Last Friday we did remote school and it was sort of fun and it was very frustrating. But I tried my best and did a pretty good job. Like when we did math it was hard to do the times but I got through it and I did get some help but it was fine and I only needed help with a few equations. But I did good." -Mack

"We have been playing chess a lot lately. The 3 best chess players are me, Gavin and Max. Jack, Gabriel and Mack are also really good. We have two chess boards. One is small and the other one is big. Me and Max made up a version where we play without pawns. I think chess is really fun." -Leo

"This week we made a snow fort. We made our snow fort out of a snow bank. We used 2 mini shovels and a spade to make our snow fort. Our snow fort has a tunnel for an entrance. Our snow fort has a sun room. Adeline, Evelyn and I made the snow fort. We made it next to Red Fox. The fort has a swimming pool. All in all, snow forts are fun." -Jordis

"This week at Roxaboxen a big snow fort has been built. The snow fort has 5 entrances and 2 rooms, one is the entrance room and the other is a living room. One morning though the entrance room and the 5th entrance both collapsed. The builders tried to fix it. But it was too late. So they started building different bases. But 5 minutes in they stopped working and destroyed the old snow fort, so now the old snow fort is just a big pile of snow chunks. Now there is 3 new snow forts." -Jack

"This week we went sledding and it was really fun. It was is sometimes hard to walk through the deep snow but it is worth it when you are sledding. It is fun when I make new tracks after going really fast. Also with the bigger sleds two people can go at the same time. What I like to do is when a sled has handles I can stand up and hold on. When people fall there is a consequences of snow dripping down your back and it is cold! I have had a good week sledding and am excited to continue." -Gavin

"Yesterday, Mack, Wofle and I made a snow fort! It's technically not done yet. It was my first time playing with an Owl. I was super awesome. Jack was helping. We dug in the walls for rooms and some of the walls were made from us stacking chunks of snow on top of each other." -Gabriel

"This week we did a riddle and it took us 2 days to figure it out! It was sooooo frustrating! And Dave wouldn't tell us! So I'm not gonna tell you, mweeehahahaa. Anyways, we eventually got it, some before others.. so yeah. In conclusion, it was TORTURE!" -Evelyn

"Today, Nina and I were cleaning, or at least trying to, clean the board. It looked like a mess! And I mean a MESS! There were erasers markings, white out letters, and EXPO markings. Like I said, a total fiasco. We tried to put EXPO on an eraser marker and it worked! (sort of) It is still not finished, but we are working on it!" -Ella

"This week there was a sad death on Pig Pen Road. Monroe Joe Elworthy was frolicking innocently on his Aunts pillow. When she attacked him with her towels. It was a bloody battle, in the end the Aunt one. My poor Monroe Joe Elworthy is gone. So I took revenge on the Aunt. Let's just say she will never be happy again. PS Monroe was a pig. " -Adeline

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