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Expanding Our World with the Owls (ages 5-7)

by Heather Münch


It’s hard to believe that we are more than halfway through the 2022-2023 school year. Owls have been building upon knowledge and discovering new things about this mighty world each and every day. Owls closed their 2022 school year with a strong poetry and singing recital. Each Owl chose a poem that was representative of their personality and interests. We had Owls flying to space, crunching leaves and leaving beautiful cat paw prints in the snow. Owls were so proud of their hard work and bravery for memorizing and reciting their poems.

We kicked off the New Year by writing wishes for ourselves, our classroom and the world. Owls have big hopes and dreams for themselves and their world. Many of the Owls wished to get stronger physically so they could play sports and run fast with friends. We spend time every day moving our bodies to strengthen them but also become flexible thinkers and learners. In Math, Owls expanded their knowledge about shapes. We recognized the importance of creating shapes with straight lines, and discovered that all shapes have corners or vertices that are very specific to their shape. Owls have made wonderful progress in literacy and began the year by starting their first group read, Pals. We are getting more comfortable with retelling stories and making predictions about what might happen next in a story. Owls worked hard on how to be respectful listeners in the classroom and show care for what others have to say. Two favorite books in the classroom right now are My Mouth is a Volcano and Ants in My Pants. Owls love to laugh and these stories not only make us laugh but help us understand the importance of not interrupting and trying our best to sit quietly.

Owls have explored many different ways to help express feelings, take moments to cool down, and recognize when we may need to walk away from a situation. Owls will pick up after February break by discovering what vegetables grow in the ground and what we can do to prepare for Spring. We are looking forward to muddy adventures and getting our hands back in the dirt!

"My friend is moving and we made a BB book." - Luc

"I went ice skating and went really super fast." - Wolfe

"I baked brownies with people in the kitchen!" - Isla

"In fiber arts I finger knitted with green yarn." - Grant


Explore. Discover. Learn

Some of our adventures this winter:

Our annual Winter Gathering with parents, students and staff.

Ice skating at Riley Rink.

Our Poetry & Music Recital

Simple Meal at RFCS!

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