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Flying Through Fall with the Owls (ages 5-7)

by Heather Münch


When I think of an Owl I think of their forward looking eyes and acute hearing and vision, the Owls at Red Fox are exactly that and more. We have a class full of driven individuals that make exploring our community exciting! We started our year by getting used to what it feels like to be a part of a new community that cares deeply for one another not just emotionally, but academically as well.

Similar to the layers of dirt that we studied this Fall, the school year can often feel layered and filled with transition. During the first six weeks of school we spent time practicing how to ask questions both big and small, check in with friends, and take chances. I saw so many creative imaginations come to life in the field and witness shops and homes take shape in Hawgolwood.

The most exciting part of Fall this year was getting to know each Owl and notice where they shine throughout the day. In Math, playing games and writing numbers 0-20 became a task that Owls flew into with eagerness. We have discovered so many different ways to explore numbers and investigated new strategies and tools to help us feel confident when working with numbers. In Language Arts we continue to grow from where we’re at and practice phonemic awareness, fluency and comprehension through stories, movements and games. Some of the Owls favorite books this Fall were, The Dirt Girl, The Very Last Leaf, and Roy Digs Dirt. I look forward to many warm fires this Winter in Hawgolwood and exploring new ideas in our cozy classroom!

"I played quick image in math and it was fun." - Luc

"I played with my best friend in the field we played ghosts" - Wolfe

"I learned about letters and I also read the schedule" - Isla


Explore. Discover. Learn

Some of our adventures this fall:

"Snow Penguin" the snow plow comes to visit Red Fox!

Learning to count seed and harvest flax at Smokey House Center in Danby.

For Hawgolwood, all you need is pure imagination!

Our annual Mountain Day at Merck Forest & Farmland Center. Hiking, singing, forest bathing and more!

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