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Our Newsletters since March 16

I built a new swing- Talon

My sister got a tractor and four wheeler. One is green and one is pink. She loves them. – Beckett

This week I wrote a lot of letters.  We baked bread too. I finished a book called The Hero’s Guide To Saving Your Kingdom.  Its about four princes from different fairy tales who try to stop the plot of an evil witch. I keep hoping to find new ways to occupy myself, and I’m succeeding, including making a roadside stand, writing letters, writing poetry, drawing and cooking with grasshoppers. Okay, forget that last one.  -Addis

Today my cats Hennie and Smudge were being cute. Hennie is cute because he snores. Hennie’s snores are funny. Hennie is cute because he is fat. Hennie is fat because he is lazy. Hennie is funny. – Eleanor

Squirrel Toast! Oh let me tell you the story. I started with my mom. She was going to three farms to milk the cows and she looked out the window and there it was, a burning squirrel. Now you know what squirrel toast is. – Eleanor

This week I learned five facts about worms. There are 2700 species of worms. The largest worm ever was 10 feet long. The shortest was less than 1/2 inch. Worms do not feel pain. If you cut a worm in half its head will survive. Worms do not bite. – Eleanor

This weekend I went on my friend’s trampoline. We were doing front flips. We ate cake after that because we had cake. -Abby

On Friday we had so much snow that we wen skiing down our own sledding hill. It was so awesome. We built a ski jump and went off it. We made a track with a sled first and then Dad went down. After we made the jump we tried doing tricks. The snow here was 8 inches. For us that counted as ski day number 39. There is no snow now. Until next year, no more skiing. To sum it up, it was fun to ski at our house. – Rebecca

On Monday our Dad finished making a full sized basketball hoop. I helped him build some parts of it. It stays outside overnight instead of going in the garage. We also use it for PE. We got new basketballs for it too. Usually we use it every time we go outside. Dad can make it lower for kids, higher for Dad. When he was building it he put the wrong part in it, but he got it out. In conclusion, it was a fun project and I love it. – Rebecca

We baked bread at home because my mom wanted to bake something new. We mixed yeast, water, honey and flour. We kneaded it and baked. – Hazel.

Me, Rebecca, and Mama were singing and dancing at home on Tuesday. We did it because there is a corona virus and we are doing home school. – Gabriel

Rebecca, Dad, and I were at our real recording studio. We played tambourine and drums. We did it because we are doing home school. – Gabriel

I played with Brer. We played catch. It was fun. – Henri

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