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Week of April 13th, 2019

“Dear Everyone,

“On Monday we went on a field trip to VINS (Vermont Institute of Natural Science). First, a man named Nathan took us to a table full of “grains” of micro plastic and showed us where erosion, deposition, and cut banks were happening. After a few “years of torrential downpour”, we each got a plastic toy to use as a house and chose where to put it. After a few more decades….uhh…err…many people had to move. After that, we went to a raptor presentation and saw four raptors as follows: Northfield the broad winged hawk (injured), Aurora the barn owl, and my personal favorite, a Harris hawk. Finally, we went on a bird walk, got in our cars, and went home. So basically, this was one of the most amazing days of my life.”-Addis

“We went to VINS (Vermont Institute of Natural Science). We saw birds at VINS. We are studying birds at school. We saw a snowy owl, it was beautiful and white.”-Matilda

“At VINS the birds were cool.”-Ryder

“This week during math we built a fence out of sticks for the play. We first gathered sticks but they had to be a certain length or else the fence would be too short or too long, so we had to do some measuring to figure out how big the fence had to be. My job was to saw the sticks down if they were too long. We are still deciding how to hold the fence on its own. For Literacy and Humanities we are making more props and keep rehearsing a lot.”-Kelley

“The school is doing a play. Every year the school does a play. We practiced the play every day.”-Hazel

“Eagles and Owls have been hard at work for the play. Sarah has been working on props like flowers, sheep heads, and a crook. A big project in the Eagles is building a fence. They had to collect two 4 ft. 9 in. sticks and two 5 ft. sticks for the top and bottom, and four sticks that were about 3 ft. 6 in. Lines for the play are OK but need more work. So if you are a parent reading this, remind your kid or kids that are in the play (Once Upon A Time) and that go to RFCS, to practice their lines, please. Bye!”-Noah

“On Tuesday we went for a bird walk because we were picking birds. We were picking birds for studying. I picked the Whooping Crane. I picked the Whooping Crane because they are very rare. There are only 400 left. All in all it was fun.”-Rebecca

“We picked birds. I picked the turkey vulture. We are studying birds. It was fun.”-Emma

“Jack is a dog. He is Dianne’s dog. He plays soccer.”-Gabriel

“Jack was playing soccer. He head buts the ball. It was funny. Caleb and Cian played with Jack. It was cool.”-Caleb

“We are reading Poppy. It is about a mouse. Poppy is scary sometimes but I still like it. I like it because it is fun to listen to.”-Abby

“This week, the order of the trout person went, Kelley, Eden, Cole, and Zooey. Kelley had to siphon. That is when he sucked all the gunk out. Eden had to feed the trout and test the water. Cole fed the trout. Zooey also fed them, and she tested the ammonia and got 0. The trout are doing well!!”-Cian

“Maeve is a dog. She sometimes steals food.”-Mischa

“So no one plays Manhunt anymore. It’s more Egg Beats or just walking around, or playing with Jack (Jacky Chan). Cole, Colby, Kelley, and I made the Jacky Chan group. “It was formed because Jack came and he was cute, and we wanted to have a better reason to hang out with him.” That was said by one of the founders, Cole Crawford. Maybe next week more will happen outside. Bye! Thanks for reading!”-Zooey

“Addis rubbed dandelions on his face. He did it to be funny. The faces turned yellow. They got them from Roxaboxen. I thought it was funny.”-Charlie

“This week at outside time Noah and I made a seat with rope. The poles that we put the rope through are at school. We put the rope through the holes. Noah sat on the seat and Cole put dandelion juice on his face. I just sat in my seat and watched Noah get dandelion juice on his face.”-Colby

“Me, Hazel, Addis, and Caleb rubbed dandelions on our faces (now they’re yellow)!!! Addis’ face is the most yellow. It takes A LOT of dandelions. It was fun. I can’t wait to do it again.”-JJ

“This week I’m writing about Specials. We skipped a lot of Specials because we had to practice the play. We will perform the play May 23. This morning we combined knitting and play practice. We didn’t have Spanish because we went to VINS.”-Cole

Love, Red Fox Community School Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mischa, Matilda, Emma, Abby, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Noah, Cian, Kelley and Cole

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