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Week of April 23rd, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

We just got back from a spring trip to Earth Sky Time. Thank you so much Bonnie and Oliver for taking time out to teach us about soil science and spring fertilizing.  We learned so much about nitrogen and carbon and how to add nutrients back to the soil for the coming growing season.  We also were impressed by your greenhouses and all the different sources of heat you have. It was great for us to think about all the work that goes into the spring for a harvest in the coming months.  Despite the rain we loved mulching blueberries and enjoyed the feeling of working together at your beautiful farm.

“It was a beautiful day at the Red Fox Community School and when I walked outside it was soooo warm. The grass was soft and the sun was warm on my cheeks. It was awesome because it finally felt like spring.”-Emma

“Maeve came on Monday because she was porcupined!!! All the face quills were pulled out by Alley but there was one in her tongue!!!! It was tragic. She was taken to the vet. It was pulled out and Maeve was saved!”- Zooey

“On Tuesday, Luke visited. He came to the Red Fox Community School to see what it would be like to go to our school. Luke did the maker groups and read a people’s history with us. He did library too. It was really fun because he made me excited for next year!”-Eden

“It was a little bit sunny when we had music with Maxine and Andrew. We sung a new song called Winter’s Come and Gone by Gillian Welch. Maxine taught us that one kind of music comes out of one part of your body. She told us that standing up is better for us when we sing.”-Gabriel

“Sup? Have you heard of Tigger from Winnie The Pooh? We met the real Tigger at RFCS bro! Tigger is Sarah’s (our brand new wonderful teacher for next year) dog. Sorry he’s not the real Tigger but his name is Tigger. He has a lot of energy and barks at doors. Alley is dog sitting for Sarah. Alley had to bring Tigger to school because he destroyed two mugs at her house and ate some Swedish fish and went bananas.  He doesn’t like being left alone. I love Tigger!”-Noah

“Two days ago Phinn, Jade and Caleb built Squeak a house. We built it because we wanted Squeak to have a nice big bathroom”-Phinn

“It was a rainy day. We made a block building for fun on Thursday. The roof is the best.”-Colby

“Screams filled the air, we made a haunted house for outdoor maker groups! It was fun. People would jump out at you and scare you. The other groups made tree forts and mobiles. It was fun making the haunted house because we got to let our imaginations go wild. We made it in Roxaboxen. We used people and junk I can’t wait to do it again. .”-Jay

“It was a beautiful day when we did the haunted house at outside time in Roxaboxen. Some kids hanged on trees pretending to be dead and some kids came and visited.”-Jade

“I visited the Red Fox School. I played kickball and we played oh deer.”-Hudson

“We played a new game in P.E with Jesse.”-Caleb (Thank you Jesse for teaching us!)

“On Thursday I had a half day of school. Only my family was having a half day of school because we were going to NYC. We are going on April 26th. We are going because it is my Bubbie’s birthday. We will drive there. It will be soo fun.” -Rebecca (We missed you Rebecca, hope you had a great time).

“Addis is not going to school on Friday. He is staying home from the field trip because his cousins are visiting from New Hampshire. He has no clue what he is going to do with them!”-Addis (We missed you Addis but hope you had fun with your cousins)

That’s a brief view of our very full week! Please check out our art exhibit at the Southern Vermont Art Center.  It will be up for the next month.


Red Fox Community School

Addis, Jay, Colby, Jade, Phinneas, Eden, Zooey, Caleb, Gabriel, Rebecca, Emma, Noah and Hudson (for this week)

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