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Week of April 8th, 2019

“Dear Everyone,

We just finished our Spring Poetry and Music Recital at school. We all worked hard on memorizing our poems and on our performances. We also had our Open Mic and Coffee House since a snow storm forced us to postpone. We had a special guest named Avocado Man emcee the event. Thank you Avocado Man. Thank you to everyone who came, performed and supported us in our show! Have a great spring break! Make sure to check out our art at the Southern Vermont Art Center.

“This week I’m the outside time report for our Newspaper. So on Wednesday we played Manhunt, how you play is there are two teams each teams captains rock, paper, scissors to determine which hides and which counts first. The hiding teams tries to hide after five minutes or less they try to get to safety without getting tagged by the other team if you get to safety your team gets a point, you play however many rounds you want and whatever team has more points wins. We also reintroduced a game from last summer/fall called “Egg Whites”. I’m sure if you look back a lot at other newsletters you will figure out how to play. Hopefully you enjoyed the outside time report and have a good day.”-Kelley

“I played baby bear with JJ and Caleb.”-Ryder

“Me and JJ and Ryder were playing baby bear yesterday at school for fun. It was JJ’s idea. And! I made a lego truck 2 years ago at home for fun. At first it was a helicopter then it was a 6 by 6 and then it was a tractor and a skee truck. I brought it in for share.”-Caleb

“I had ice cream on free cone day at Ben and Jerry’s because I wanted to eat ice cream and the school went. We asked for ice cream and they gave it to us. There are so many different kinds.”-Charlie

“I had ice cream on Tuesday and Ben and Jerry’s for free cone day. I asked for it and they gave it to me.”-Emma

“We have two topics for big news this week. The first is the play. We learned that we were doing a play last Monday. The play is called Once Upon a Time and it is a comedy. We read through it this Monday. Sarah and Alley assigned roles today (Thursday). The play is really funny and everyone loves it. Our other big news is that we are doing a poetry/talent show/concert tomorrow (Friday). We have been working really hard on our poems and songs and it’s going to be really fun. Zooey and I are doing the Bonnie Blue Flag and Colby is joining us for the Reply to the Bonnie Blue Flag. Cian is doing Balls Bluff. A Reverie. Kelley is doing Abraham Lincoln Walks At Midnight. Cole, Noah and Addis are doing The Blue and The Gray. Eagles Above!”-Eden

“We are doing a play a whole school. The play is called Once Upon A Time. We cast parts. My part is Antoinette.”-Hazel

“The school got cast for our play today to know our lines and our parts. Alley and Sarah chose parts. Two characters are in love. My character is Jerry, the elf.”-JJ

“Subjects Wing. Math. In math we’ve been working on our geometry mobiles. This is how you make it…Well actually here’s what you NEED on your mobile. You MUST have at least 3 polygons. You MUST have at least 3-D Shapes. Language Arts. Mr.Terupt. We haven’t been keeping up with Mr.T. So since we finished The Mysterious Benedict Society we’ve been reading it during snack and literacy and humanities. Well…I like both of these subjects and I’m excited to learn (and read) more.”-Zooey

“This week we only had Meghann. Meghann teaches Spanish and Art. In Spanish we did a phrase of the week. The phrase was “I do not know the language.” In art we started the head of our puppets. We only painted the them. Also, we finished our flower painting. All in all, it was fun to have Meghann as our specials teacher this week.” (Thank you Meghann for all you do)

“Mischa had plants. Matilda is going to buy one in owl town.”-Mischa

A geometry illusion by Colby…

“Abby brought in a crystal today at school for shares. I found it at my house.”-Abby

“This week I’m writing about trout. They are doing well. We took one of the sides off so we can expose them to more light. We are feeding them two times a day. Last week the temperature dropped to 33 degrees and now it’s 46 degrees. We had to warm it up.”-Cole

“This week we are making mosaics. Our theme for our mosaics are trout and rivers. First, we pick and arranged tiles, pebbles, broken-up pieces of glass and ceramic and plastic gems. Then, we glued them on and grouted them. Our mosaics are going to be displayed at S.V.A.C (Southern Vermont Arts Center), so feel free to come see them! *Eeeeeeeee!!* I’m soooo excited!”-Addis

Love, Red Fox Community School Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mischa, Matilda, Abby, Emma, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Noah, Cian, Kelley and Cole

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