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Week of December 11th, 2017

“Dear Everyone,

“We just had our poetry recital! Emma’s poems were Falling Up, Sunhat and My Father As A Sasquatch. Zooey’s poems were Snowball and The Deadly Eye. Jade’s poem was See What Happened. Jay’s poem was A Dream. Addis’ poem was The Genie and Jack. Noah’s poem was The Pig and Remote-A-Dad. Rebecca’s poem was March. Colby’s poem was February.  Gabriel’s was October. Caleb’s was January. Eden’s was The Yesies and Noeis.  Those were the poems for Friday. Thank you everyone for coming!”-Emma

“On Thursday we made carrot cake. We made four carrot cakes. One time something spilled and Addis had to vacuum it up. We baked the cake in the microwave oven (thanks Hoppy!). One time Jay wrote down all the ingredients.  The cakes were for Kristin’s birthday and for poetry. All in all it was really fun.”-Addis

“This week we celebrated Kristin’s birthday. Kristin turned thirty three. Her Mom, Cindy, came in and told us stories of her as a child. One of them was that she was a cheerleader and she would get chocolate for fundraisers and she would eat it all. After the stories there were cupcakes. It was very fun.”-Eden

“There was a snow day! So we didn’t have school on Tuesday.”-Caleb

“This week we had Espanol. We learned how to say Where is…? which is Donde Esta? We also went to Mexico. We could go wherever we wanted in Mexico. Emma went to the library (la biblioteca). Finn, Gabriel, Colby and Jay all went to a hotel (el hotel). And in the morning we all went to a diner (un restaurante). Colby and Jay got too many pieces of bacon. They both had a heart attack.  All and all it was fun to use our imaginations.”-Jay

“Colby and Jay were pretending that the paper was biting us on Wednesday at school. We helped Meghan with art stuff back to her car for fun but the paper was evil.”-Colby

“On Thursday we all had reading groups. Zooey, Emma and Addis were doing “Dear Mr.Henshaw”. We made a play. We even have a script. In the play we had two flashbacks. Zooey loves reading groups.”-Zooey

“On  Thursday we found a flying squirrel in the fridge. Alley it took it outside in the snow fort. It was very cool because were learning about it. It was disgusting because the fridge was off and it got stinky.”-Rebecca

“On Wednesday we built a snow fort. When Noah says we he means Colby, Finn, Jay, Caleb and Nacho. It started like a glump but we formed it into a fort. Nacho and Addis spied on the girls. Nacho was an assassin. Addis was a spy. Colby, Jay, Caleb and Finn were everything. We had jobs so we knew what to but sometimes you got told what to do by the other people. And that was the fun snow day at school!”-Nacho

“We had cupcakes because it was Gabriel’s celebration for his birthday. We ate the cupcakes. Gabriel’s mom came and told stories about him.”-Gabriel


“We did Yoga on Monday and this time we changed the groups and Jade’s group was Zooey and Noah and Rebecca and Caleb and other group was Jay and Emma and Phinn and Addis and Colby and Gabriel and why we did new groups is to be more calm.”-Jade

“Alley made a map of Vermont. We put all the places we visited on the map including Alley’s house. We have visited 12 farms. Phinnea’s favorite farm was Alley’s house.”-Phinneas


Red Fox Community School

Phinneas, Gabriel, Zooey, Addis, Emma, Rebecca, Caleb, Eden, Colby, Nacho, Jade and Jay

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