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Week of December 17th, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

This is our last newsletter of 2018! Thank you everyone for being part of our school community. We are so strong because of all the love and hard work that we all put in. We hope to see everyone tomorrow at 11:30 for our poetry and music recital! And, on Sunday at the Dorset market some of the children will be selling crafts!

“This week in Spanish we played a game with popsicle sticks. The popsicle sticks had a Spanish word on them. A person picked a stick and read it. Then the person said the word in English and passed the jar. To sum it up, playing the game was exciting.”-Cian

“The school did crafts Tuesday at school. We are selling them at the market. We made magnets and candles and peg people.”-Caleb

“On Tuesday for Morning Work, we made things to sell at the market. We made magnets, candles, and peg people. Noah and I marked wicks for candle making. Then I made a peg elf. the candle making looked fun, but I didn’t have time to do it. I’m excited to help work the stand at the market!”-Addis

“This week Tig came to school! When he and Sarah are hanging out and someone comes in, he gets a little protective. He barks sometimes. I just ignore him. I like Tig Tuesdays.”-Cole

“Senya (and Juniper) came to visit Tuesday. She was in the owls. She might come to school here. She made the dolls with us.”-Abby (Thank you Senya and Juniper for visiting!)

“Hi, my name is Zooey Walker and I’m here to tell you about music with Maxine. First, let me show you the lyrics to one song.

My Favorite Things “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, Brown paper packages tied up with string, These are a few of my favorite things.

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudel, Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles, Wild gees that fly with the moon on their wings, These are a few of my favorite things.

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes, Silver white winters that melt into spring, These are a few of my favorite things.

When the dog bites, When the bee stings, When I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, And then I don’t feel so bad.

– from the Sound of Music”

It’s a pretty short song but it’s nice. We have a lot more but I’ll make it a surprise. I’m excited to sing to everyone! You’re in for a treat. Bye, bye!”-Zooey

“I liked the play in maker groups.”-Ryder

“On Wednesday, me, Cole, Zooey, and Noah found a Have-A-Heart trap. We got food and put it in the trap. We will try to catch the skunk. Jesse told us he put the trap there. It is interesting.”-Colby

“The owls did class reading buddies on Wednesday at school. We did it to help us learn to read. We read to a buddy. I read to JJ.”-Charlie

“On Thursdays we have Carpentry and they are always really fun (because of grandpop), but this week’s was the best! What made it so good was that we got to sand jenga blocks. It was pretty easy but it still took some time. Whenever we finished a block, Grandpop would high five us and made us feel good. At the end we got to play jenga. We went for a while, but when it fell over everyone went loco, and I got hit in the face. Pretty epic, right?”-Eden

“Maeve came to school today because it’s Thursday. She steals food (naughty dog).”-Matilda

“This week we read a book called The Christmas Trolls. The book was about this girl that kept losing gifts and toys so she set out to find them. She figured out that that trolls named Mig and Tig had been stealing their stuff. The trolls said they had been stealing because they wanted to have their own Christmas, so she helped them do Christmas. She gave them her most prized possession and set back home. It was a lot of fun to read and I hope to read more cook books.”-Kelley

“My mom helped with poetry. She taught us how to deep breath and our posture and project.”-Gabriel

“The school is rehearsing today in the community room. We rehearsed for the concert by saying our poems in front of everybody.”-JJ

“The school is having a poetry recital tomorrow in the community room. We have been practicing!”-Emma

“This week at school we are making the Owl’s holiday cards. To choose Owls randomly, Sarah wrote all the Owls names and ripped the paper into 12 pieces and we picked. Sarah needed two volunteers to have two people. Cian and I volunteered. Then we started our Zentangles. I’m excited to finish my card.”-Noah

“Winter break is coming. Christmas is part of winter break. We have four Christmas trees! Another thing that is happening is Gabriel’s birthday. We are having a space party for him. I love winter break because I love snow.”-Rebecca

See you all in the new year! Love, Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mischa, Matilda, Abby, Emma, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Cian, Kelley, Noah and Cole

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