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Week of December 3rd, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

The owls went to Nature’s Market to learn about how to run a grocery store from John. John was a very gracious and generous host. He answered all of our questions, showed us around the store and the back of the store and gave us treats to bring home. Thank you so much John, we’re so glad you are a part of our community.

The eagles started their civil war unit. They are going tomorrow to the graveyard to research Manchester residents from the civil war. Happy researching!

“At Morning Meeting this week we played King’s Land. You play like this; everyone lies on their stomachs with their heads down, and someone taps someone else on the back. See, the catch is that no one else knows who was tapped. Then, everyone walks around the room singing, “We are on the king’s land, the king is not at home. He has gone to London to buy his wife a comb,” until the person who tapped says, “Stop.” Then everyone freezes and the person who was tapped raises their hand and tags everyone they can reach without moving their feet. They can, though, lay down so long as they keep their toes planted. Then, everyone who was tagged makes a circle as the ‘castle wall’. Each round the castle wall gets smaller until there is only one person left. Happy playing!”-Addis

“The school played King’s Land everyday at morning meeting because it is fun. You lay down and someone taps someone’s back and then the person who taps says ready and then you stand up. Then you walk around the room. You sing a song and then a person says stop and then the person who got tapped raised their hand and then they try to tag everyone they can.”-Caleb

“This week, on Monday, Sarah introduced crates and crate tops. First let’s start with the crates. The crates (there will be a lot of the word crate and top by the end of this…I’ll be a crate speller…get it? I replaced great for crate)…back to business. The crates are just normal crates that are black and the crate tops are a ton of different colors. The tops are so that we don’t break the crates. You can use the crates to sit on or for a table.”-Noah

“On Monday we had computer class with Isaac, with three computers. We played Scratch, which is a coding game. We make codes then the cat moves like ten steps. If you want to play, it is”-Colby

“This week we went to the library to pick out new books and do work. I picked out a scary book. I also made a stuffed animal pile, but it kept falling apart. I returned my old books that I didn’t finish, so hopefully I can finish my book this time. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again.”-Kelley

“This week the Eagles pre-cycled the trout tank. Then we put NovAqua Plus Nite Out. Then we tested the water. We tested the water with test strips. The test strips tell us if the water levels are good. The test strips test GH, KH, PH, NO2, and NO3. It is fun to test the water. It is fun because you get to look at the tank.”-Cian

“Abby was sick for a couple of days. She was sick at her house. I miss her. I hope she feels better.”-Mischa

“On Wednesday we had Maker Groups. We had a few new groups: tin can lanterns, sewing, free draw, legos, and dramatic play. I was in the sewing group…and it was awesome! Mischa and Cole were in it, too. Cole made a pillow, Mischa made a hat, and I made a puppet. Cole made his pillow for his great grandmother, Mischa made her hat for her dog, and I made the puppet for my dad. Addis, JJ, and Ryder were in the lantern group. The free draw group was Cian and Hazel. The lego group was Gabriel, Kelley, Emma, and Colby. Dramatic play was Matilda, Zooey, and Rebecca. I’m excited for next Maker Groups!”-Eden

“I made a candle holder in carpentry.”-Ryder

“This week in Carpentry we are making candle holders. One thing that you do mostly is sanding. Alley has a wood burner. Then we can make cool designs out of our candle holder. The candle holders are made out of wood.”-Cole

“Rebecca and Gabriel went to New York. They went to the nut cracker.”-Hazel

“On Wednesday we started our Civil War unit and are continuing today. Sarah made an activity with hats. Why hats you might be asking yourself. Well, Sarah put stuff in the hats like the color gray; it was the color of the Confederacy. The color blue was the color of the Union. The cards represented 1861, when the war started. The dominoes represented 1865, the end of the war. The compass was used to mark the north and south. It was interesting!”-Zooey

“Maeve went outside today everywhere to run around in the parking lot. She wore a green vest.”-Matilda

“The whole school played flying duo at P.E time outside. We ran around the circle.”-Emma

“I broke ice today in the woods because it is fun. I did it by jumping on the ice.”-Charlie

Love, The Red Fox Community School Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mischa, Matilda, Abby, Emma, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Noah, Cian, Kelley and Cole

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