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Week of February 25th, 2019

“Dear Everyone,

We loved coming back to school after a break and sharing stories of our adventures!

“Matilda was gone and now she’s back. I don’t know why she was gone.”-Hazel

“Me, Zooey, Hazel and Rebecca found a cat in the woods yesterday. I don’t know how she got there. We per her and followed her.”-JJ

“The new cat likes me. I met the new cat today at outside time because he was in the woods. He was walking.”Emma

“I played the cheese touch on Tuesday at school for fun. You don’t want the cheese touch but someone has it.”-Gabriel

“This week at morning meeting we’re playing a game called Splat! I think it’s really fun. Here’s how you play: Everyone stands in a circle and one person stands in the middle. That person is the splatter. At any time in the game, the splatter can stick their hand out at someone and yell “Splat!”. That person has to duck down and the people on either side of that person have to try to splat each other. Whoever splats the other person last becomes the new splatter. Have fun playing!”-Addis

“Lumi lay down in Caleb’s block building.”-Ryder

“I re-built my tower yesterday at school for fun and because the old one fell. I did it one by one. It is sooooo tall!”-Charlie

“We read a book called in like a lion and out like a lamb. It means March comes in cold and icy and out like a lamb meaning warm and soft. The lion only comes out when it gets cold and icy. The lamb comes when it’s warm and new babies are born. All in all I loved the book because it’s a good saying and it means spring is coming.”-Rebecca

“On Wednesday we had Reading Circle. The idea of Reading Circle is that everyone brings the book that they’re reading (if you don’t bring it then you just explain it) and they explain the plot. I talked about the Alex Rider series. Cole did The Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing. Addis did Benders. Noah did the Wings of Fire series. Colby did Smile. Reading circle is fun because we get a chance to explain our books, which don’t do often.”-Eden

“We had a storm yesterday. A lot of snow fell. I played in the snow.”-Caleb

“This week we had P.E with Lila. We had yoga and she had a lot o rhymes. We did yoga poses. She told us a story about a bear that went up on a hill and down the hill for berries and we acted it out of yoga poses.”-Colby (Thank you so much Lila!)

“I like knitting on Thursdays in the community room because I know how to knit. It is tricky to knit.”-Abby

“Math/Poison. Blah poison:) Poison is a math game! Don’t worry there’s no poison in the game! Here are the rules. This is a 2 player game. 1. You take 13 objects (after 5 rounds you can add more) and put them in the middle 2. Choose who goes first. 3. The person who goes first picks one or two from the middle (the 13 objects), then the other person does the same thing. 4.You keep doing that until there’s either 2,4,1 and it is your turn. If there’s two left you wouldn’t take both of them. You’d take one because you don’t want to be the one that takes the last object because then you lose! 5.Have fun! I like the game because it’s fun!”-Zooey

“The owls got a puppet theater today in Dramatic Play to put on a show. Kat got it for us.”-Matilda (Thank you so much Kat!)

“This week the trout are doing well. They are all alevin. Some are starting to swim up! We put a pinch of food in. If they do not eat the food we clean up so there’s no gunk in the tank. No trout are frys yet, but almost.”-Cian

“The fish are swimming up!”-Mischa

Love, Red Fox Community School Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mischa, Matilda, Abby, Emma, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Noah, Cian, Kelley and Cole

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