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Week of January 14th, 2019

“Dear Everyone,

“Last week we got trout eggs. I think we got 100 eggs. Some of them died, some are alive. Some hatched into alevin and a few died as alevin. If they died as eggs, the egg is cloudy. The alevin have an egg sack of nutrients. It goes away eventually. When it turns into a fry, it does not have the egg sack.”-Cole

“The woods had hard ice this week because it was cold. We were skating.”-Matilda

“This week we’ve been doing workouts. Every day we add a new workout, and by the end of the week we have a whole exercise routine! This week, on Monday, we did sumo squats. On Tuesday we did 10 push-ups. On Wednesday we did another type of squat. We are doing these exercises to build strength. I wonder if I’m getting sore already? See ya!”-Addis

“We’re having cold weather this week. We had negative temperatures. There is ice everywhere. The stream is frozen. The ice is thick, you can’t break it. It is so awesome because I love skating.”-Rebecca

“Hi, my name’s Zooey and I’m going to teach you a game. It’s called Frog Detective. Here are the rules: 1.) You need to sit in a circle. 2.) You need to send someone out to be the detective. 3.) Then, when they’re out of the room, pick someone to be the frog. 4.) You will call blank’s name. 5.) Blank will go into the middle. 6.) The frog will try to stick their tongue out at someone and they must make eye contact. 7.) Whoever you stick your tongue out at will die (aka fall down). 8.) The detective has three guesses to guess who’s the frog. 9.) When the detective guesses right, they switch spots with the frog and the frog goes out. 10.) Enjoy!”-Zooey

“This week we read I Survived the Battle of Gettysberg. The story was about this boy named Thomas and his sister Birdie, they were both black slaves working for a farmer known as Mr. Knox. They managed to escape from the farm and were found by some Union troops and they helped them. Then they got called to serve in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania as part of the Union of the Civil War. Some gun shots later and the story ends. It was a lot of fun to learn about the Battle of Gettysberg and I hope we learn other similar things.”-Kelley

“Hazel and Rebecca tracked Charlie in the woods.”-Hazel

“This week we played Manhunt. It was fun to play Manhunt because the woods were ice and the Manhunt game took an hour. The teams were four and five. Noah and Cian were team captains. The leaning tree was home base, and you tried to tag it to win.”-Colby

“The community had a potluck last night at school to share love. Each family brought food.”-Charlie

“This week at school we went to the library. It was very quiet and respectful, unlike some other times. It was great! Everyone got a book and read it, and there wasn’t much chatting. When we did chat, it was not loud. I got to get two books that are in the series of Wings of Fire. I highly recommend it. I had a great time and I think everyone did, too.”-Noah

“Lumi went under the shelf today because she wanted to. She walked.”-Abby

“On Wednesday we looked at different wars. The idea was that we each chose one or two wars, and then wrote about them. I wanted to look into modern wars, but I had been reading up about the world wars, so I decided to do World War I to present. Zooey is doing the world wars. Colby is doing the War On Terrorism. Kelley is also doing the War on Terrorism and the war of 1812. Cole is doing the Vietnam War, and so is Noah. Addis is doing the Mexican War, and Cian is doing the Spanish-American War. It’s really fun and interesting and I can’t wait to learn more!”-Eden

“The school is making 100 day projects this week at school for the 100th day of school. I am gluing 100 pieces of wood.”-Caleb

“I was doing my 100 day project this week at school for the 100th day. I am drawing 100 animals.”-Gabriel

“The building got knocked down.”-Ryder

“This week in math we worked on analog time. We worked on time with a fake clock. The clock was made out of paper. Sarah changed the time on the clock. Then we would try to guess it. She also gave us word problems. We also used Alley’s clock. All and all it was hard but fun.”-Cian

“Charlie was not here on Wednesday. She stayed at home because her sisters had the flu.”-JJ

“The Owls had a contest at school yesterday for the king of ing. We cut out the kings and we wrote ing words on it. Whoever has the most ing words wins. It’s going to be Rebecca because she has the most words.”-Emma

Love, Red Fox Community School Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mischa, Matilda, Abby, Emma, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Noah, Cian, Kelley and Cole

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