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Week of January 20th, 2019

“Dear Everyone,

“We took a field trip to the Southern Vermont Arts Center.”-Emma

“We built a snow fort”-Henri

“This week we have been making a snow fort. We started on Tuesday, and we we started digging into the snow bank. Addis and Caleb got really far in, but me and Colby started to make our tunnels really wide. As outside time progressed, more and more people joined our group. On Wednesday, we started to connect our tunnels through the bank. We got really far in the first outside time, and we by the second we were going crazy, building walls and digging tunnels. It became apparent that we could not work at the desired speed with only two shovels and after some searching we found a few more. We worked hard for a while, then we decided to call it done. We had three connected tunnels, and a “porch” space that was about five by ten. Unfortunately, one of the tunnels was broken. After that, we all agreed to destroy the rest, and that was really fun. Things got a little out of hand after that and people started playing king of the hill, and my face did not approve.”-Eden

“I made a tunnel in the patio in the snow fort. Then I jumped on my tunnel. Eden and Colby took down the big wall. We made the patio bigger.”-Ryder

“All of us stomped on the snow fort when we finished playing in it.”-Beckett

“This week the trout’s water was bad. They could die. I hope the trout get better soon. It had the wrong chemicals. We changed the water to make the chemicals right.”-Cole

“Matilda, Hazel, Emma, Charlie and me made a sign that says, Vermont by Kids. We are going to hang it at Three Farms in Dorset.”-Eleanor

“We painted and used stencils to make words for our sign. We want to have a stand to sell things that kids make”-Hazel

“On Wenesday my Nonny made hot dogs for lunch!”-Charlie

“Weather Report by Rebecca. It was cold and still is super cold. On Tuesday it was -2 (Wow!). I was so cold. I hope it warms a little. You can get frost bite if you stay out for a long time.”-Rebecca

“I decorated my coloring book!”-Talon

“Lots of people were sick this week including me!!”-Gabriel (We hope everyone is feeling better!)

“We’re gonna get sample cookies from Brazil. They are called Salame de Chocolate.”-Matilda

“I made a super tall building with blocks.”-Caleb

“In maker groups we made a big block tower. It’s VERY big. There’s a monument for everyone who made it. Me, Addis, Caelb and Gabriel and Ryder made it. Overall, it was very fun.”-JJ

“This Friday we have JISP. JISP is fun. We ski after. It is fun.”-Colby

Here’s to a healthy next week! Love, Red Fox Community School Talon, Henri, Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Matilda, Beckett, Emma, Caleb, Eleanor, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Eden, Colby and Cole

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