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Week of January 2nd, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

Happy New Year! Due to the weather we did not go on a field trip this week but we enjoyed coming back to school and being in each other’s company again.

“This week we learned a new song called “Puff the Magic Dragon”.  It is about a boy that loves a magic dragon.  Then the boy leaves doesn’t come back. Emma loves the song.”- Emma

“We did collages. We cut paper out of books.”- Caleb (you can see all the collages hanging on the wall in the library)

“Phinneas read books from the red box!”- Phinneas

“Alley brought her pet humming bird named Sergei. He’s from Russia. He’s super grumpy especially about the cold! He always says “brrrr”. He’s white, green, brown and red. He has a Russian accent. He lives in Alley’s closet. He has a nest! Shhhhh! It’s a puppet.  Alley got it last year at Dorset rummage sale. He’s mostly cold. That’s kind of all he does. He’s sort of lazy.  Shhh don’t tell him.”-Zooey

“On Wenesday we did maker groups and Jade’s group was Jade and Rebecca and Eden and Colby and what her group built with blocks was a town.”- Jade

“On Tuesday Gabriel read Pete the Cat. He loves Pete the Cat. The cat is so funny and awesome.  Gabriel is looking forward to reading more Pete the Cat books.”-Gabriel

“This week Colby, Jay, Noah and Eden had a chicken fight outside. We got on each other’s backs tried to knock the other team down in the snow. It was fun.”-Colby

“On Thursday Rebecca’s BFF came. Her name is Tegan. She came because Tegan had a sleepover with Rebecca at Rebecca’s house. Tegan drove to Rebecca’s school. She had fun. She played games with us.”-Rebecca

“One day there was girl named Tegan. She wanted to make a snowman so she made a snowball. Then rolled it. Then made another snowball. Then rolled it. The she made a snowball. Then rolled it. Then she put them on top of each other, got some coal and a carrot and a hat and put them on the snowman.”-Tegan

“The week we started a new poem called “I have a Dream” by Martin Luther King Jr. Jay has been studying Martin Luther King Jr. for a long time and has learned about all his civil rights movements and everyone who helped.  I know because I am Jay. Every January 15th people celebrate him for all he’s done. As a kid Martin had no rights. You see back then black people had different rights than white people. Martin did not think this was fair. Martin married a woman named Coretta Scott King. They had four kids. One of which was named Martin Luther King the third. One day a woman named Rosa refused to give up her spot to a white person on a bus. She was arrested.  This started a big protest. Sometimes Martin thought about giving up. His house was bombed. So much happened. On buses black people would always have to sit on the back seats or stand up and this wasn’t fair. So people started to boycott. Boycotts are when you would avoid something to protest. So that’s what black people did with buses. Some would walk or catch a cab or a taxi. So buses lost money. Then John F. Kennedy Jr. was running for president. He was a proud supporter of Martin. John F. Kennedy Jr. became president. He was later assassinated.  Soon everyone knew Martin either as a leader or an enemy depending on people’s perspective. One of Martin’s most famous protests was a march on Washington. It was a long walk hundreds or thousands of black and white people joined. Then on August 29th Martin did the speech “I have a dream” at the Washington monument. Over 1 million people watched. Soon after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Rights changed because people fought.  If it wasn’t for Martin Luther King Jr. and everyone who helped black people would not have rights. That’s why we celebrate his journey every January 15th.” -Jay

Wishing you lots of warmth,

Red Fox Community School

Noah, Jay, Eden, Addis, Colby, Gabriel, Phinneas, Jade, Emma, Caleb, Zooey and Rebecca (and Tegan for this week)

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