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Week of January 6th, 2020

“Dear Everyone,

Happy 2020! We are so excited to be back at school and enjoying all the wonderful snow-filled adventures that January brings.

“I thought the math team game was challenging and fun.”-Henri

“I had fun pulling Gabriel on the Snurfers.”-Ryder

“We built a really tall tower during Work Time. Caleb designed the tower.”- Beckett “I loved adding tissue paper to my hot air balloon in art class! First, we blew up the balloon and then we did papier-mache. We then added the tissue paper.” – Charlie

“We met Kelly, our new Music & Movement teacher. We did stretches and pretended to sculpt each other with clay.” – Caleb

“When we learned about “ing” verbs, we got to run, hop and giggle in our classroom.” – Matilda

“At school, Hazel, Eleanor, Matilda and I made an arctic fox game together outside. I was a young and weak fox.” – Emma

“Hazel, Emma, Matilda and I had fun fun creating an arctic fox game. Hazel and Emma were the youngest. Then Matilda was the second youngest and I was the oldest fox. We made the game on January 7, 2020.” – Eleanor

“We have been skipping, walking and kicking in literacy class.” – Talon

“We liked getting to know Wendy’s silly side. She said, ‘You won’t find a shark walking on the beach.” – Gabriel

“Eleanor, Matilda and Henri played Fox Island this week at school. We wanted to play in dramatic play. We dressed up as a royal family and we had a picnic.” – Hazel

“Yesterday, I played multiplication bingo. I learned multiple strategies. 11×11=121 and 7×12=84. Matt told me the strategies. Overall, it was fun because I learned a lot.” – JJ (Owls)

“This week we are cooking on Thursday. We are making cookies. The cookies are from Peru. I hope we get to eat them. The Owls and Eagles are making the cookies.” – Cole

“This week in Art, we finished our papier-mache hot air balloons. We blew up balloons, covered them in papier-mache, popped the balloon and today decorated them with tissue paper. We also read a biography of a famous artist named, Jean-Michel Jarre. Then we introduced a new art concept:upcycled art projects to support a good cause. Oh, and this all happened on Tuesday morning.” – Addis

“This week Matt slipped and then he fell in the snow. He then slipped on some ice and Eden laughed and laughed.” – Colby

“This week we had a new special. The new special was Music & Movement and it was really fun. Our teacher is named Kelly. She choreographs Long Trail plays and has danced at The Kennedy Center. We had our class in the gym. First, we did some stretching to music and then we did jumps and other dance moves across the floor. We did a fun activity called modeling clay, where one person adjusts the other person’s body and makes them do funny stuff. It went by really fast and it is officially my favorite special.” – Eden

“On Friday, we will have JISP! It will be raining :(. I will still do it because I love JISP. But, if I am sick, I won’t. I hope the snow won’t be too bad. I wonder what group I’m in. It will be fun skiing.” – Rebecca

Love, Red Fox Community School Talon, Henri, Ryder, Gabriel, Hazel, Matilda, Beckett, Emma, Caleb, Charlie, Eleanor, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Eden, Colby and Cole

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