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Week of January 7th, 2019

“Dear Everyone,

We returned from our winter break this week! Welcome new year!

“On the 100th day of school we will present projects that have to do with the number 100. First, we brainstormed five ideas, but some people had way more. After we brainstormed, we decided what we wanted to do. I had a lot of ideas, but my top priorities are 100 faces, map with 100 locations, and a poem with 100 words. I think that everyone’s will be amazing and I can’t wait to see them.”-Eden

“We are having the 100th day of school in 23 days. We will celebrate the 100th day of school. Everyone has to do 100 of something. I am doing 100 breeds of horses. There are Morgans, Quarter Horses, Cobs and more! In conclusion I love the 100th day because I like doing the projects.”-Rebecca

“Lumi came to school on Tuesday. She is a rabbit. She is our pet. She is soft.”-Matilda

“This week the Owls got a rabbit. Her name is Lumi which in Finnish means winter. She kind of looks all black but she is the most adorable thing ever. She feels like velvet and cashmere smushed together. Think of everything soft…she’s softer. Think of everything soft smushed together, she is still softer. I’m so happy they got a rabbit because it’s a bigger pet than the hamster.”-Noah

“On Tuesday we started Morning Meeting Facilitator. Sarah makes mistakes and we fix the mistakes. Then who was on the sing board does it instead of Sarah. It is a new thing.”-Colby

“On Tuesday we edited each other’s paragraphs that we wrote. Sarah showed us some editing marks to use when we edit each other’s work. Some of the editing marks that we learned are ^ (caret), –> (indent), and three lines under a letter (capitalize). Then, we edited each other’s paragraphs; I edited Kelley’s paragraph. Then, Sarah showed a visual of the writing process (see picture) that was shaped like a pencil! This is going to come in handy for me when I am an author.”-Addis

“I had my birthday at school on Tuesday because it was my birthday. My dad showed a video.”-Gabriel

“It was my birthday.”-Hazel

“Music ahh…my favorite thing. The first song we learned is called Edelweiss. We learned this song because we are in the Sound of Music stage. Fun fact: Edelweiss is Austria’s flower. The second song is It Don’t Mean A Thing. We’re learning this song…I think because we all like it. Fun fact: in the song there’s scratch and swing. Swing takes things like, “bop, bop, bop” and makes it sound like, “bopedy bobop.” Scratch is like, “bing bong” and makes it turn into, “bingy bongy bop bing!” Last but not least, while we were doing It Don’t Mean A Thing, people were having drum solos. It was cool. They’re all great songs and I’m excited to be learning them.”-Zooey

“The school got trout on January 8th. They are in the mudroom. We are studying water. They were given to us by the Vermont Fish and Game.”-JJ

“The trout came on Tuesday to school so that we can release them when they hatch. Someone brought them to school.”-Emma

“The school had a snow day at home yesterday because there was a lot of snow. I played.”-Caleb

“There was a lot of snow and we played in it!”-Ryder

“The school did fiber arts on Thursday in the community room to learn how to knit.”-Charlie

“This week we started fiber arts class. We are knitting hats. There are different types of yarn. I think I picked wool. I like fiber arts because you can make stuff that you use every day.”-Cole

“We read a book at the tables to learn something new. It was about white people and black people. The black people had to go to a different school, the Mexican school. It wasn’t fair.”-Abby

Love, Red Fox Community School Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mischa, Matilda, Emma, Abby, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Noah, Cian, Kelley and Cole

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