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Week of January 8th, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

“On Friday we went to the Food Cupboard. We helped put food in bags for people. We wanted to help other people.”-Colby

“This year we are learning about farm animals. Emma’s farm animal is an alpaca. Jade’s is a barn cat. Rebecca is a miniature horse. Zooey is a llama. Gabriel’s is a honey bee. Phinn is a rabbit. Caleb is a chicken. Eden is a sheep. Addis is a ox. Colby is a pig. Noha is a sheepdog. Jay is a donkey. Emma loves animals. We are going to become experts.”-Emma

“This Monday we made monster puppets. It was our morning work. Jay made three. The first one he made had one eye, horns and was brown. The second one has two eyes, a hat and mustache. His third one has eight eyes and a bow tie. It was fun. We also started fiber arts so the puppets go with it. Everyone made puppets of all shapes and size. It was fun to see all the mix of puppets people made. It was a great activity.”-Jay

“On tuesday we had music. We learned “If I had a a hammer”. It goes like this…”If I had a hammer I’d hammer in the morning. I’d hammer in the evening all over this land. I’d hammer out danger. I’d hammer out warning. I’d hammer out the love between my brothers and my sisters all over this land oooo. If I had a bell I’d ring it in the morning. I’d ring it in the evening all over this land.” That’s it for now. We needed to learn it for the potluck. It was fun.”-Rebecca

“A visitor came to our school. We forgot her name but her mom’s name is Rebecca. Don’t it’s not Rebecca Koss! They just played but the good thing is that Rebecca, the mom, loved it which means we might have another next year! She came yesterday. That’s it! Bye!”-Zooey

“Noah started a new book called “Noodles”. He has not written a lot but it is about a noodle that goes on adventures and meets new friends. That’s all he has written so far. He started it this week at school. He likes his book because he likes noodles.”-Noah

“Bearsy is a good friend. He went to school.”-Phinneas

“At outside time Rebecca and Zooey and Jade and Emma played on the snow bank. We played family on the snow bank. The aunts were Rebecca and Emma and the mom was Zooey and the baby was Jade. We did it to have fun.”-Jade

“We played King of the Hill the other day outside. It was fun. You push people off the snow bank.”-Caleb

“On Thursday we made potato leek soup. We made it with garlic, leeks, potatoes and broth. We chopped up the ingredients and added broth and cooked it. We ate it at lunch. Addis thinks it’s good because he brought it in for his favorite food share.”-Addis

“We started to weave today in fiber arts. We had fun, very, very, very fun.”-Gabriel


Red Fox Community School

Eden, Noah, Gabriel, Jade, Phinneas, Jay, Rebecca, Addis, Emma, Caleb, Zooey and Colby”

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