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Week of Janurary 29th, 2018

Dear Everyone,

We just returned from a forest adventure up to Robin’s lookout at Equinox. We hiked up to the top and sketched up there. We also made hot chocolate up there. It started to get really cold and people were beginning to get unhappy. Luckily, Eden had a flint and steel and he taught everyone how to make a fire in the snow! It kept us warm and lifted our spirits. Thanks Eden!

“Squeak (the hamster) came to school on Monday.  She lives in a cage. We got her as a class pet. Jade picked her up at One Stop.” -Colby. Welcome Squeak!

“The woods was flooded for 4 days because it rained.”-Caleb

“On Tuesday we played lumber jack at school. The kids who played were Eden, Colby, Jay, Caleb, Finn and Noah. So this how we play the game. Are you ready? It’s a complex game. Ok are you sure? Fine, I’ll tell you. So you like like a lumber jack. Yes it’s pretty boring but you do everything a lumber jack does. It was a fun game. Bye bye!”-Noah

“Steve visited on Wednesday to approve us. He was watching us.”-Phinneas

“This week we made books. We made books in the style of William Steig. We each had a partner and a book. We did on Wednesday in the classroom. We did because William Steig is a great author and we wanted to appreciate him. We each got 3 cool sheets of paper to write our stories. My partner was Caleb. We had so much fun. Our story was about a moose named Steve.”-Jay

“In art we made la luna y el sol. We used sharpie, pencils and paint. Meghann loves Mexico. You need a lot of details to do it. I loved it!”-Zooey

“On Wednesday Emma and I found a good place for a fort in the woods. We found it because I tripped over it. We found two branches that would make a good couch. All in all, we put a lot of work into it.”-Addis

“Jade and Zooey found a river and beyond the river was cloud city after lunch. We played there to have fun. We went to cloud city.”-Jade

“On Friday we learned a new song called “The Duchess at Tea”. We learned it at school. We learned it for fun. We learned it line by line. It is a very silly song. I really like it. It is a good song.”-Emma


The Red Fox Community School

Emma, Addis, Caleb, Jay, Rebecca, Gabriel, Eden, Noah, Colby, Jade, Zooey, Phinneas and Squeak

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