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Week of March 12th, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

We just got back from a trip to Smokey House. Thank you Jesse, Laura and Jamie for hosting us.  We cleared the snow off our garden plot to take some measurements so we can do some crop planning next week.  We had to hand dig out the snow from off! It was a lot of work.  We also learned how to split wood. We all loved that. We learned about sugaring from Jesse and got to sample maple candy. Yum! Our trips to Smokey House are very special to us.

“We are growing onions for our Smokey House plot. We are also growing leeks. We planted them last week. By Thursday this week they had sprouted. Not only that, we had left them for 2 snow days. Start Growing!”-Addis

“It was a snowy day when a guy put in the hot water heater on Monday at school. He used tools. Now we have hot water.”-Colby

“We had yoga in the hallway. We jumped ropes. We had a string and whoever jumped the highest won.”-Caleb

“Everyday Phinneas makes forts in the couch. Every single day at school because he likes it. He just moves pillows around.”-Phinneas

“One snowy day we went on Alley’s truck at outside time to have fun and we climbed up the truck.” -Jade (Don’t worry Sal, no scratches occurred)

“On Tuesday we learned a new song. It is called “This is me”. We leared it in music with Andrew. We used our voices. I had fun because I like singing.”-Emma

“It was a snow storm when Irene was born. She was a brave soul. Irene is Alley’s goat’s new born. The mom is Francis and the dad is Milo! It was a dramatic birth. There’s still a little blood and a fluid dripping from her but all in all everything is fine. Still,  Irene is very brave. Fun fact! Goats eat their placenta!”-Zooey

“This Thursday was the day after the 2 snow days but we’re back at school now. Maxine came in this morning to tell us about Saint Patrick’s day. She gave us new books for a little bit and taught us 3 words in Irish. I don’t know how to spell them but she taught us thank you, red fox and goodbye. She even made us soda bread that was great! We all appreciated her.”-Noah

“We are having a talent show. The talent show is on March 23rd at 6 o’clock. We are having the talent show in the yoga studio. Unlike most talent shows this one is not a competition. It is instead for fun and entertainment and community. I can’t wait for the talent show and neither should you!-Jay (see you all next Friday!)


Red Fox Community School

Eden, Gabriel, Rebecca, Addis, Emma, Jay, Jade, Phinneas, Caleb, Colby, Zooey and Noah

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