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Week of March 19th, 2018

“Dear Everyone

It was a talent filled, a library researching, a first birthday and a seed sprouting week!

“I wonder if I’m ready…It was Friday morning. The talent show was that afternoon. Everyone was performing. I, for example, am doing storytelling. Our stage was in the yoga studio. We rehearsed. We all set up the stage.”-Addis

“After the weekend we had homework. For homework we had to read a whole book in a week. I wasn’t able to finish my book this week. Most of the kids finished their books. Next week I will pick a different book because this week I chose the book “Alice through the looking glass” by Lewis Carrol. It looked good because it had a very colorful cover but it is really big. I only read 3 chapters.”-Jay

“It was a cooooooooooooooooold day and we do yoga every Monday. We played a game. We take turns and do poses. I feel good when I play the game and when I do the pose.”-Gabriel

“One sunny day it was Elliott’s birthday. Elliott’s birthday was on tuesday. He turned 1. We had cookies. We sang songs. We made cards.”-Colby

“One snowy Tuesday we had…music! We learned a song called “Living Proof”. My mom sings it and wrote it. She did it in my studio. It was fun because we got to sing.”-Rebecca

“One cold day me and Phinn built Squeak’s house for morning work in the yoga studio to have fun and make Squeak happy with masking tape and cardboard.”-Jade

“Caleb waters the plants everyday in the couch room once a day. You get a soap bottle and wash it out and then you sprinkle it on the plants. The plants sprouted.”-Caleb

“We had just come back from outside time. It was time for art. We had to do a new project with these photographs of all our poses. The first pose was standing straight. The second pose was hanging onto something. The third is flying through the air. Art was fun because we got to draw.”-Zooey

“On Thursday we went to the Montshire  Museum. It was an hour and a half drive. It was a long drive. Gabriel, Phinn, Addis, Emma, Jay and Colby went to the top of the museum first. Rebecca, Jade, Zooey, Noah and Caleb went to the bubble room first. I had fun because we got to explore. We also looked at all differetn seeds with our teacher Rebecca. We also got to look at germinating wheat seeds. I loved it.”-Emma

“All of us are sending our puppets to the SVAC when we are done with them because people love puppets. We will drive them there.”-Phinneas

“It was a freaky Friday at school. Maeve was here because we went on a field trip on Thursday. At morning meeting we had snack and she was being sneaky to try to get my carrots. I love Maeve because she is calm.”-Noah


Red Fox Community School

Eden, Rebecca, Emma, Jay, Phinneas, Colby, Caleb, Jade, Gabriel, Noah, Zooey and Addis”

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