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Week of March 5th, 2018

Dear Everyone,

It was a snowy, a short, a unconventional, a birthday rapping and a Squeaktastic week.

“As the librarian it was very stressful seeing a box of books come into our library because we don’t have any more shelf space. Sami brought a big box of books and I was like “OMG”!!! But, now we have a lot of books. It’s awesome because we have more to read!”-Emma

“We are almost done with our D.M.H (Dear Mr.Henshaw) projects. Addis, Emma and Zooey are doing it. Addis’ project is that he is making a movie. Emma is making a book bag and Zooey is making a poster. Our projects are based on the book Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary. It is a fun project.”-Addis

“It was an exciting day. It was my birthday. It was Tuesday. For morning work we made a birthday book. At lunch my mom, dad, brothers and sister came and brought cookies. They were good! My dad did a funny rap. It was nice, I can’t wait for other birthdays.”-Eden

“Everyday Phinneas makes a fort in the couch makes a fort in the couch, every single day at school because he likes it. He just moves pillows around and goes in his fort.”-Phinneas

“One snowy day me and Gabriel built a building for Squeak. It had a garage for Squeak. It was Wednesday at school. We did it for fun and for maker groups. We used blocks.”-Colby

“It was a snowy day. We had a half day of school. We had maker groups I was with Emma, Caleb, Noah and myself. We had it at school in the yoga studio. It was soooooo much fun. We used cardboard to make snowboards.”-Rebecca

“The deep snow fell on Thursday on the ground because it was snowing all day. It fell sometimes slow but mostly fast.”-Caleb

“It was a snowy, a sunny and kind of cloudy and kind of cloudy day. Me, my mom and Rebecca went on a long walk along the road past my neighbor’s house because my mom said, “should we go for a little walk?” It was a snow day! We were late for lunch because the walk was too long. It got tired from walking too long.”-Gabriel

“One snowy day we went in the yoga studio to run after snack to get ready to for newsletter. It was fun.”-Jade

“One day Noah couldn’t think of something to do in art. But then he saw a piece of yellow paper and thought of making Bart Simpson with his bottle for the mask project.  He sat and glued the paper with modge podge. He LOVED it.”-Noah

“Thursday was a cold and snowy day. Snow fell like rain. Alley (and Sami) made the choice of having it be a snow day. Wednesday was cold and snowy as well so Alley (and Sami) made it a 1/2 day that’s what made Friday funny. We came in and went straight to art. Not to mention we also had newsletter. On a Friday! What a funny Friday.”-Jay

“It was a snowy day when it happened…Maeve came on Friday! And she slumped around all day. She walked a little. She slumped some more. That’s kind of all she does. I had fun with Maeve.”-Zooey


Red Fox Community School

Zooey, Jay, Noah, Jade, Caleb, Gabriel, Rebecca, Colby, Phinneas, Eden, Addis, Emma, Squeak and sometimes Maeve

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