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Week of May 14th, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

We just returned from another trip at Smokey House. We planted potatoes, started winter squash and skirted wool.  We used the wool skirting in the garden as a deer deterrent since deer do not like the smell of wool. We weeded the community pumpkin patch. We had to race to see how many weeds we could pull out in 5 minutes, it was a lot of fun! Also, we discovered a giant rock and we worked together to roll it out. We were surprised to learn that potatoes grow from potatoes, how relaxed we all felt and how lanolin wicked water off of our hands.

“Daddy is here this week to help me.”-Phinneas

“On Wenesday almost everyone made poems out of word sketches of plants. Mine goes like this

One major stripe down the middle

Ruffles and waves in the breeze

Gritty and smooth

Smells like corn

Is Green

I hope that they get published and hung up on the wall.”-Addis

“I am KEVinnn! Do y’all want to hear my song? See my artwork below. Anyway, KETCHUP is the new applesauce.  This started at school 4 months ago with a sock puppet I made in fiber arts. Fiber arts is a class we used to have before OLS.  I loved the puppet so much I decided to become Kevin. I love Kevin because he is funny. I am Kevin now.”-Noah (or should I say Kevin?)

“On a sunny May morning, Sarah made costumes at school. Maxine made the spider costumes. They made costumes for our school play on the 24th. Sarah is making a goose costume.”-Colby (thank you Sarah and Maxine for all your help)

“On Wenesday we made a restaurant in Roxaboxen. It was sooo fun. Some kids came and ate food. We had it at school. We had it because we were hungry. We made it with junk because Roxaboxen’s real name is the junk yard. The school did it for fun.”-Rebecca

“On day Alley said something very cool…we were an approved school! We all screamed. It was exciting news. Then we calmed down and we went back to work. Approved means we are a real school and recognized by the board of education.”-Emma

“We played whiffleball today because it was P.E. Jeremy taught P.E. I like it because I liked hitting the ball. Jeremy also helped me by swinging the bat better.”-Gabriel (Thank you Jeremy for teaching P.E)

“We played wiffleball today here at school. Jeremy taught us. It was easy and we had fun.”-Caleb (Seriously Jeremy you were a hit! No pun intended)

“At P.E this week had had a frolf (frisbee golf) incident. A Frisbee was thrown just as Jade was running across the field and it collided with Jade’s nose. She went to the doctor. Luckily she did not break her nose. Feel better Jade. We are going to make a giant feel better card. We can’t wait for Jade to be better.”-Jay

“Once upon a time in a land not so far from you lives THE RED FOX COMMUNITY SCHOOL. And in that land Sami Krasny lost her phone!!! We went on a mission and everyone was determined to find the beautiful merchandise. Oh ooops it was in her car the whole time! Zooey delivered the phone. Zooey enjoyed it. Zooey out.”-Zooey

That’s it for this week. Please come see our school play this week on Thursday at 11:00 at Long Trail School where we will be performing E.B White’s classic, Charlotte’s Web!


The Red Fox Community School

Addis, Caleb, Eden, Gabriel, Noah (Kevin), Colby, Zooey, Rebecca, Jade, Emma, Jay and Phinneas

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