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Week of May 6th, 2019

“Dear Everyone,

“Sarah was sick on Monday and we did not practice our play because Sarah was not here. And it was hard to play King’s land because Sarah was not here to do the sneakiness. The eagles also joined us for work time. Sami was here all day. We missed Sarah!”-Charlie”

“In Literacy/Humanities, the Eagles have been making poems about book characters or their play characters. There have been some great creations so far. Eagles with Owls?? Sarah was super sick on Monday…boo-hoo!! That meant that the Eagles were with the Owls. They did math, reading time, and choice time.”-Noah

“I made a book. It was called Penelope the parrot. It was about a parrot. I wanted to do it.”-Emma

“On Monday Dianne brought her puppy named Jack to school. He was very cute. He liked to play and sleep. We got to walk him and pet him outside. He would sleep under Alley’s truck. All in all he is cute.”-Rebecca

“Jack the puppy came to school this week! He played soccer!!! He is super cute. I love him a lot. He is Alley’s mom’s puppy. I hope he comes again.”-JJ

“This week Sarah told us that she’s leaving the school. Sarah is moving to Indiana with her family. Also, Dianne got a puppy. It is a golden retriever. I played soccer with him. The dog is great. I really liked him!!”-Cian

“Outside times this week were very up and down in the sense that we didn’t do the same things for more than one or two outside times. On Monday, we played a game called Chicken, where there are teams of two and one person gets on another person’s back. Then the teams try to knock each other down. On Tuesday, some people started a short-lived garden, then drifted away to play Manhunt. On Wednesday, we also played some Manhunt (I got soaking chasing Colby). Thursday…well, first outside time we played Chicken, and now here I am writing my newsletter! My idea of a good week!”-Addis

“Mischa chased Rebecca Proro all around the yard.”-Mischa

“We are continuing the play. This Friday we are having a big play rehearsal at school. A lot of people brought in their costumes for the play. The play is coming up on the 23rd of May. The dress rehearsal is at Long Trail on the 22nd.”-Colby

“We wrote poems about Vermont.”-Ryder

“This week we checked the trout (as always), here is what we found: Ammonia = 0 (that’s really good) Water Temperature = 47.8 degrees F (very goooooood!) You may be seeing that there wasn’t any calculation for NO2 and NO3 (good and bad bacteria) or GH and KH (water hardness) or PH (balanced acidity) because we ran out of test strips. More will come soon via Amazon. Addis is going to siphon today (it’s Thursday). We haven’t noticed any negative change and that’s good (again)! Thank you for reading!”-Zooey

“We read Poppy today at outside time. Poppy is a book. Poppy is a mouse.”-Hazel

“I made a swing. I tied a rope to the stairs and then I put a stick in the hole in the rope. It is fun. I hope it is there for a long time. I love the swing.”-Caleb

“We did not all do our jobs yesterday so we all redid our jobs. Jobs are fun.”-Abby

“This week I’m the Specials Reporter. During Outdoor Living Skills we made a fire for the mind portion of it. We made the fire out of birch bark, tinder, and kindling. Then we made a cabin with sticks around the fire. For the physical portion of it we did some stretching. On Saturday we are going to be building that exact same fire in our new pit.”-Kelley

“The school did OLS yesterday outside. We made a fire.”-Gabriel

“There was sunshine yesterday. We played in the sunshine.”-Matilda

“On Friday we went to Alley’s farm to look at goats. First, we had Morning Meeting and made four groups. The baby goats (kids) were in the barn, and each group would go in one at a time. The groups went backward from four, and I was in group one, so I went last. While we were waiting, we looked at the goats and sheep. When it was time for us to go to the barn, Alley told us to be quiet and gentle. We all got to hold one. Cian held Jane, I held Laura, Colby held Ingrid, and Emma held Sal. We guessed Jane’s weight and then weighed her. The goats were really cute and I really enjoyed it.”-Eden

Love, Red Fox Community School Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mischa, Matilda, Emma, Abby, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Noah, Cian, Kelley and Cole

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