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Week of May 7th, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

We had another magical trip to Smokey House on Friday. We transplanted our onions and leeks, direct sowed parsnips and radishes and started kale, collards and broccoli in the greenhouse.  Alley had us think about how details are infinite and had us focus on word sketching the details of just one plant. It was incredible how many details there are! Addis noticed 14 veins on one blade of grass, Jay observed thyat seed cucumbers have thousands of spikes, Zooey noticed that daffodil petals are thin and sparkly, Noah noticed that chives are spicy, sweet and taste like onions and Colby likened a dandelion aroma to freshly mowed grass and honey. It was hard to stop noticing once we started.  We are so grateful to our trips to Smokey House for allowing us to put all of our studies of agriculture into action and for the beautiful land.

“On Monday Sarah came because Jade and Jay’s mom was not here. Their Yaya was visting. Kristin went to Washington, that is why she wasn’t here. That is why Sarah was here. Sarah was staying for the week and it was also her birthday. Yay! We had it at school. We had some treats. It was so fun because we love Sarah.”-Rebecca

“Finn cleaned up Roaxaboxen on Monday and Tuesday and on Wednesday. Finn made the sign and a tour. Now everyone can play there.”-Phinneas

“The relaxing mindfulness. It was love at first sight. I fell asleep. It was love. It was relaxing. It was memorable. And it was comfortable. It was truly a memory. We lied down and Alley made us feel like we were falling into the earth. Alley is the best mindfulness teacher when Kristin isn’t here. It was truly amazing.”-Zooey

“It was Tuesday. We had music. We played Bump Up Tomato. It’s a singing game you try to make people laugh. It’s fun silly.”-Gabriel

“It was a warm day when we did writer’s workshop. I wrote a story about a pony, a unicorn and a rainbow dog and last but not least there is a fairy. The story is about a fairy that is very lonely. Then she goes for a walk and then she meets a unicorn, a pony and a rainbow dog. And…they had a party! My story is done but I have to publish it!”-Emma

“Me and Noah made fairy houses in maker groups. Gabriel and Finn helped. We built them under the bell.”-Caleb

“Yes and how will we rob the bank? This is hilarious. On Wednesday we played Yes And. There are only 2 rules: you can’t refuse an offer and you have to say “yes and” before you say anything else. One of the pairs was Addis and Colby. We were late for snack but it was worth it! For example one person says something and the other says “Yes and”. It was great because it was funny. (I about died laughing).”-Addis

“Elliott pushed his stroller. We were outside by the pine tree. He pushed it to the road and back. It was cool! He did it on his own. He was happy.”-Colby

“In P.E this week we played lots of games. One of the games was SPUD. The way you play SPUD is you have one person in the middle who throws the ball up and says someone’s number. Everyone has a number. When they catch the ball they yell “SPUD”. They get three steps to hit the person. But if the person catches the ball they get a letter but if they get hit than they get a letter. When you spell SPUD you are out. We played kickball too. It was super duper exciting and fun!”-Eden

“Eden brought money to school. He brought it because he wanted to help with the penny drive for blocks. We counted the money by sorting it to ten dollar bags. We discovered it was…$72.12. We have raised $262.12. I know what you are thinking “OMG guys! It’s not that much to buy blocks which cost $2000!” But do not say that. It may take us 1 or 2 years but believe! Believe we can do it. PEACE! I’m out.”-Noah


Red Fox Community School

Noah, Eden, Jay, Jade, Colby, Addis, Caleb, Rebecca, Emma, Gabriel, Zooey and Phinneas

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