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Week of November 11th, 2019

“Dear Everyone,

“On Friday we played the hibernation game. Alley separated us into four groups (of hibernators) bats, bears, spring peepers and woodchucks. First, we had to find a den. After we found a den we covered up all the ways wind can get in (to make it winter proof). Then, we had to collect beans to gorge on. Bears went to Alley to get beans. Spring peepers and woodchucks could got the other dens and take 1 bean. Bats however could only steal while someone was bringing a bean to their den. It was fun!”-Nic

“Emma broke her arm last Sunday at her Grandma’s house in the woods. She tried to hang on a branch and fell off and broke her arm.”-Gabriel

“Hello, hello, hello! Addis Pyles here with this week’s update on the Eagle’s math restaurants! On Thursday we figured out the dimensions (in square feet) of our classroom. I will tell you what our results were: 369 sq/ft. Restaurant names include: Kiss the Cow, The Simple Spaceship, Holy Panda (bakery and cafe) and others. And that’s the report folks! See you next week!”-Addis

“Two days ago me, Addis and Eden invented the Clug. A Clug is a cow-pug-slug. Clugs have a head of a pug, a body and antennae of a slug and the colors of a cow. Clugs are 2 inches long. One day in math, Eden and Addis showed me the Clug. We made the Clug because it was funny. P.S The Clugs have dance parties here at night (because they live here.)-JJ

“Baby pug and garbanzo beans. Baby pug loved garbanzo beans so he dumped a whole bag of garbanzo beans into a bowl.”-Talon

“Lumi is our class pet and she is so cute. Me and JJ made a fort for Lumi. Lumi is a rabbit.”-Beckett

“We had a snow day which means no school!! In the beginning it was a delay then it became a…SNOW DAY!”-Zooey

“I went skiing at my house because it was a snow day.”-Ryder

“On Tuesday we had a snow day. There was no school. It snowed about two to three inches. I got to play outside and watch a movie. I love snow. We played a game at school. Read more to find out about that game.”-Rebecca

“This week we played King of the Circle in the snow. King of the Circle is like King of the Hill but don’t have a good hill so we drew a circle in the snow. There are a few rules: no hitting people when they are on the ground, no kicking, no throwing snow and no tackling people when they are out of the circle. we make a new circle when the snow gets too grassy. It is really fun and I am looking forward to playing it throughout the winter.”-Eden

“Me, Eleanor and Hazel saw tracks yesterday in the woods because the animals were looking for food. We found fox tracks and bunny tracks and deer tracks.”-Matilda

“Me and Emma and Matilda found ice glaciers when we went behind the bush. We were digging and we found them. They are dirt with little icicles. We put them on the fairy palace.”-Hazel

“Emma and Hazel made fairy houses outside because we give to nature and nature gives to us. We made them with snow!!!!”-Emma

“Hazel and Emma made fairy houses. They decorated them with nature.”-Eleanor

“On Wenesday we had chicken curry rice. And we also had a bagel with cream cheese. It was very good. My grandma makes the best food ever!”-Charlie

“This week Eden brought paint markers. They are pretty nice. Lots of people like them.”-Colby

“Newsletter is fun because you get to draw and you get to paint.”-Henri

Love, Red Fox Community School Talon, Henri, Ryder, Gabriel, Hazel, Matilda, Beckett, Emma, Caleb, Eleanor, Charlie, JJ, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Nic and Cole

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