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Week of November 18th, 2019

“Dear Everyone,

“On Monday morning we made gratitude mobiles. We learned that if you say or write down something that you’re grateful for regularly it releases into your brain a chemical called dopamine, the chemical that helps make you happy. In preparation for thanksgiving we released A LOT of dopamine by writing down something we are grateful for on an index card and on the other side, drawing a picture to go with it. Each person made 5 cards. I thought it was fun. Thank you!”-Addis

“Today, we plaed woosh. In woosh you pas the invisible ball around (“woosh”). You can also zap. Zapping is when you point both hands at somebody and say “Zap”! You can also “woah.” “Woahing” is when somebody tries to give you the ball and you say “Woah” and they won’t give you the ball. It was fun because I had a fun time watching the ball go around.”-JJ

“Wendy works at RFCS now. She works with the owls. She is here because Alley is having a baby. I will miss Alley.”-Beckett (And Alley will miss you too!)

“The owls are reading Pooh every quiet time because it’s a good book. I like that Alley reads it out loud.”-Gabriel

“Rat-a-tat-cat is fun.”-Henri

“A lot of people made big snowballs! At first it was hard. It was powdery. Everybody made them. The snowballs were gigantic!”-Caleb

“In our math games we put riddle monsters on the games. That’s it.”-Talon

“This week had a snow delay but some people got snowed in. And then we got to school at like 10:15. And it was not fun coming to school. It was slushy, icy and snowy.”-Colby

“Addis and I had a conversation about chemicals. Chemicals are very, very, very bad for the environment. We had a conversation at lunch.”-Eleanor

“Eleanor, Henri, Charlie, Gabriel and I made a tree fort today under a part of the roof because it was a good spot. We made our own bedrooms.”-Matilda

“Kings and Queens. In the woods we’ve been playing a game. I’m going to tell you about my team. To see the other team read Hazel Pyles’ letter. Our team is the good guys! We protect Talon and there’s a new person, a really old and evil step mammal! If you want to join come find us!”-Zooey

“Zooey and Talon were in a kingdom. Me, Beckett and Addis were on the other team. We had a battle in the woods. It happened when the snow ball war happened. The snow ball war happened because people wanted it to.”-Hazel

“My alone spot is secret! It is under a pine tree at school. I found it today because I wanted to be alone. I put pine needles in it.”-Emma

“Erica/Penguins. Today, Erica came to teach us about penguin migration. She goes to Antarctica every year. She stays at a science lab for 2 to 3 weeks. Erica is a scientist who studies penguins (mostly Adeli penguins). It was really cool.”-Nic

“This week we are cooking for the thankfulness feast. We will have potato leek soup, biscuits, carrot grated salad and pumpkin pie. Red Fox is doing it. It is on Friday.”-Cole

“We are cooking tomorrow for the thankfulness feast. We are cooking with an oven, and a mixer and a pan and a bowl and a knife and plastic wrap.”-Ryder

“This Friday Red Fox is having a thankfulness feast. We are having pumpkin pie and potato leek soup. It will be good. Everybody is invited to the feast. The school is making the food.”-Charlie

“On Friday we are having a thankfulness feast. Everyone can come. We are having potato leek soup, pumpkin pie, biscuits, lentils and carrot grated salad. Me and Zooey, Talon and Caleb are making biscuits. I’m so happy (yay!). We are doing it because were being thankful for our family, friends, community, food, water are more. We will have fun!”-Rebecca

Have a fantastic break! Love, Red Fox Community School Talon, Henri, Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Matilda, Beckett, Emma, Caleb, Eleanor, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Nic and Cole

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