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Week of November 26th, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

We had a fantastic thankfulness feast last week. We worked hard to prepare all the food. We made potato, leek soup, cheddar, rosemary scones, maple baked beans, pear, chevre and arugula salad and pumpkin pie. We all did writing about what we are grateful for. We decorated the community room and set everything up. Rebecca used the owls list of what they are grateful for and changed the words to “My favorite things” to reflect the owls list. We sang! There was a lot of love. Thank you everyone for coming. We hope you all had wonderful thanksgiving breaks.

“The Red Fox Community School had a feast on Tuesday here at school because it is fun. We worked together to make it happen.”-Charlie

“On Monday there was a skunk. The skunk sprayed the school. Then all of the school waited outside for like one hour. When we got in it still smelled. All in all it was a smelly day.”-Cian

“The skunk sprayed Pickles on Monday at school because it visited. It is scared (that’s why it sprayed.)”-Abby

“Squeak died on Monday. She died at Emma’s house. She died of natural causes. We will miss her.”-JJ

“This Thanksgiving break our dear, dear Squeak passed away. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. We think she was just old. What do you think? I was there when Squeak got her name! The other possible names were Hamster Kong, John, and Squeak. I hope Squeak is peaceful in her grave.”-Zooey

“Squeak died. It was sad. We made a grave for her.”-Mischa

“The week started off bad…just b-a-d. The school got skunked and in Morning Meeting Alley had some bad news…Squeak was dead. What a great way to make the morning even better (eye roll, please). We hope she did it in her sleep, but may she rest in peace.”-Noah

“On Tuesday we learned about volume and capacity. We watched two videos. My favorite video had an over enthusiastic teacher who said, “Volume is how much space something takes up,” approximately 100,000 times. We also learned that capacity is how much something can hold. We learned this for the Trout In The Classroom program. (More on that from Colby). Bye!”-Addis

“On Tuesday we learned about volume and capacity, and we did…an experiment! We were supposed to make a popcorn container with a max capacity of almost exactly 243 pieces of popcorn. We split into groups: me, Colby, and Zooey, and Noah and Addis were the other group. I have no idea what the other group did, so I’ll talk about ours! Our original plan was to have a big tub, but it turned into a shallow bowl. Zooey decorated it with stars and aliens abducting cows. At the end we did some videos of us talking about the projects. The other group made a popcorn cannon that was extremely dope! Honestly? It was one of our coolest projects yet! (We ate popcorn!)”-Eden

“This week I couldn’t make it to school because of weather, so me and my brother and my neighbor built a giant snow ramp down our hill. We went sledding down the hill, got speed, and went over the snow ramp. It was a fail until we built another one and that one was really big. It was still a fail. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again”-Kelley

“I made muffins on the snow day at home for a surprise. We baked them.”-Emma

“Caleb built a fort yesterday at home because it was fun. I put snow on it.”-Caleb

“Wednesday there was no school. At home, we tried to make a snow fort but it failed. So we tried to make a sled jump. We were using an ATV to ride up the hill so we didn’t have to walk. Then the ATV got stuck. The fort failed, the sled jump failed. We called it a day and went inside.”-Cole

“We are learning a poem called “A Jellyfish”. We are learning it for our poetry recital. The recital is in a few weeks. The poem is by Marianne Moore. In conclusion I love poems because they are cool.”-Rebecca

“We picked poems today and I picked circle.”-Hazel

“We are getting the trout in January at Red Fox to hatch them. We will hatch them by taking care of them.”-Matilda

“On Friday we will fill the tank with water. We have to add bacteria for the trout. We will be pre-cycling the tank.”-Colby

“The trout are coming and we are going to release them in the river.”-Ryder

“Shhhh…We are going to do a spy adventure at the town.”-Gabriel

Love, The Red Fox Community School Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mishca, Matilda, Abby, Emma, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Noah, Cian, Kelley and Cole”

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