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Week of November 2nd, 2020

“Dear Everyone,

“Election. On Tuesday, it was Election Day! We still don’t know who will win. I hope Joe Biden wins but that’s in my opinion. Our state is a blue state and I am pretty glad it is. In school the Eagles were doing class reading about how black people got the right to vote without paying, memorizing the constitution or having to do a literacy test. We also read about the suffragettes and how they protested and marched to get women to vote. Overall, I’m excited to know who will win.”-Rebecca

“Writer’s Workshop. For Writer’s Workshop, we are working on writing our own stories. My story is about a dog named Buttons who goes to school and then goes on an adventure. He ends up going to Egypt, then when he gets back home, he’s famous. It will take me and my class a little over a week to finish our stories. We are working on our stories in the afternoon. I think my story is going to be fun to write about.”-Abby

“We have a class rabbit, her name is Lumi. She is sometimes kind sometimes mean. I think since she’s three and a dwarf rabbit. So, I like to say about her is that she is 25% good, 25% dwarf and 50% evil. She will bite you if you stick your finger in her face. All in all you should not annoy Lumi, and don’t hold her upside down. 🙂 “-Max

“We cleaned the mudroom.”-Winter

“The Snow. Today, I’m talking about the snow. So, it snowed a pretty good amount for (drum roll) snow ball fights!!! So, we did boys vs. girls and there was a legit world war 3 going on and etcetera etcetera. My question is the heck does 20 kids have that energy to power them up? Jeez that’s like me when the cereal box is empty. Have some respect people. It snowed about 3 inches but I didn’t care too much though. At least I got to make a tiny snowman. If you can’t make a tiny snowman then forget it bro, winter is going to be messed up. All in all, it was very fun no matter what I did.”-Joseph

“Max, Talon, Mack and I found colored quartz.”-Thomas

“Beckett and Gabriel and Barnaby and Talon and Thomas and me crushed a giant rock and inside was sooo colorful.”-Mack

“Me and Mack and Gabriel made a Teepee Shop and it was so fun. It looks cool.”-Beckett

“The Teepee Shop had orange crystals.”-Barnaby

“Isla, Violet and I made a house in Roxaboxen. We also made a fire pit.”-Aila

“Aila and I dug for treasure.”-Hugo

“Math. In math we have three different groups. We have the cheese balls, who are Rebecca, Abby, Me and Leo. Then there’s the Tigers who are Jordis, Wednesday, Nina, Max, Joseph and Charlie. And the last group, the cats, who are Gabriel and Evelyn. The cheese balls are learning about improper fractions. The tigers are learning division. And the cats are learning multiplication. While one group has math, the rest of the class has quiet reading. In closing, I think math is fun!”-Edie

“In my math group (the cats) me and Gabriel did the 4 tables and played capture the peaks. Multiplication isn’t that hard to do once you know how to do it. Capture is pretty fun. How to play: ten people (or more) have some gems. There’s different peaks counting by 4’s. There’s also dominoes. One player picks a domino and if it was say, 4×1 and the answer is 4, you’d put it on peak 4. If someone else also chooses 4×1 they can capture your peak and then they have it. All in all, math is interesting and fun!”-Evelyn

“Finger Knitting. For Morning Work on Tuesday we learned how to finger knit. Jordis taught me. The best yarn to use is thick yarn and when you wrap it around your finger make sure that it is not too tight. At first, it is hard to do. It took me 5 tries before I got it. Once, Teacher Assistant Taheem finger knitted and it is 15 feet long. All in all, finger knitting is one of my favorite things to do in school.”-Wednesday

“Doggy Doggy. Today, I will tell you how to play doggy doggy. On Thursday we played doggy doggy. I will now teach you how to play. First, you pick a dog to leave the circle. Step 2, you pick a bone thief when the dog is not looking. Have a small toy/thing to have the bone thief hide the toy/thing in his/her hands. Have everyone pretend to have the bone. Have the dog come back. The dog has to guess who has the bone. The dog has 2 guesses on who has the bone. Finally, I like to play this game.”-Jorids

“Owls made a plan for butterfly wings.”-Isla

“This week we switched maker groups because it has been 6 weeks. There are six different groups. Every six weeks the groups change. This week are legos, pattern blocks, collages, finger knitting, blocks and cardboard. The kids in my group are Charlie, Nina, Me and Talon. I think maker groups are pretty fun 🙂 “-Leo

Love, Red Fox Community School Hugo, Aila, Thomas, Winter, Isla, Barnaby, Cassia, Talon, Violet, Mack, Gabriel, Beckett, Evelyn, Max, Jordis, Nina, Wednesday, Leo, Joseph, Charlie, Abby, Rebecca and Edie

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