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Week of November 6th, 2017

“Dear Everyone,

On Friday we went to Wing and a Prayer Farm.  There were lots of sheep there.  The school went there.  We went so we can learn about fiber farming.  Parents drove us.  We had lots of fun.  We thought about all the work that goes into creating clothing and asked questions about fiber.  Colby was curious about how socks are made, Jay was curious about if different fibers make for warmer bow ties and Addis wanted to know where most of our clothes were made.  Tammy, the farmer at wing and prayer talked to us about how important it is to know where your fiber comes from and to support farmers who take care of the earth like she does.  Thank you Tammy for letting us help with chores and all your patience!

Everybody made the quilt this week.  It has our community expectations on it.

Caleb brought in cheese and crackers on his share day.  Emma brought mac and cheese.  Zooey brought in mac and cheese. Gabriel brought in cake. Rebecca brought in sushi.

We have a penny drive to raise money for new blocks.  The blocks cost $2000 to buy but we are trying to make $100.  We have past our goal!! Addis has found out that we have $149.62.  He did addition by adding up money after people gave him sums after we sorted the money.

We had no music on Tuesday. Rebecca and Gabriel were sick so Andrew had to stay home and be a dad. Instead of music we had story and quiet time.  What Emma did during story and quiet time was read. She read Sisters. She liked the story because it was funny. Overall it was weird because had no music because it was unexpected.

Since Alley was sick last week Maeve did not come to school. So she came two times this week.  She came on Tuesday and Thursday.  She jumped on the couch!!! Zooey thought it was awesome.

The week we started reading A Cricket in Times Square.  A Cricket in Times Square is about a Chester, a cricket from a Connecticut meadow. A streetwise mouse named Tucker.  A house cat named Harry. And the main character Mario. Mario finds Chester in times square and convinces him mom to let him keep Chester . All in all it’s a good read says Jay.

One day on a Wenesday Nacho got mad, really mad. So mad in fact that was about to run away from school.  He saw a tub of water and he saw some ice.  He grabbed a piece of ice and threw it.  Soon he was doing it for fun.  He went back inside and everything went back to normal. He even wrote an ode to ice.

Phinneas made a comic book at school because he felt like it with a pencil.

Jade and Jay are back because they were sick. It was good to see them.

Emma got her spacer taken out on Thursday in Bennington.  She had spacers because she needed space in her mouth.  Emma got her spacer pulled out with tweezers.



The Red Fox Community School

Zooey, Colby, Eden, Gabriel, Jade, Rebecca, Caleb, Noah, Emma, Jay, Phinneas and Addis

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