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Week of October 10th, 2017

“Dear Everyone,

On Friday we went to the Tschorn homestead where we thought about how much work it was to feed a family of 5 and how much work goes into the food we eat.  We helped Sarah clear out the garden and prep beds for planting garlic. Emma asked, “why would you grow more garlic if you already have these (in the context of looking at the garlic about to be planted)?” This was a great question and Addis determined that from the 70 garlic cloves that Sarah planted she would get 350 next year. Sarah fed us some snacks she had made from her homestead.  A lot of people liked the homemade apple chips.  Everyone loved all the different pickles and dilly beans.  We also got to play in Caleb and Colby’s forest.  Thank you Tschorns for hosting us!

Aunt Betty and Uncle Tony dropped Gabriel off at school.  They got to stay at school for a little while.

During music class we had a dance party.

Addis was sick.  It happened on Wednesday.  He read comic books. One of the comic books he read was the Disney comic, “Dark Wing Duck”.  Hazel (his sister) was annoying.  She ran around the house a lot.  Finally, Addis was better.

Colby went hunting the other day at Clark and Flint to get ducks.

Colby and his dad stopped (during the hunting trip) at Townline Equipment on Wednesday.  His dad wanted to buy a Kubota skid steer and it was convenient.

Jay rubbed his mustache.  It was his share day. Today in particular he sewed himself a bowtie.  We all (the 3rd and 4th graders) were assigned to make homework bags but Jay does not want a homework bag. So Alley instead let Jay make a bow-tie.  His bow-tie is red with white anchors. Also today Jay wore his mustache. It came straight from Wal-Mart. Earlier he mentioned it was his share day. Well, for his share day he brought in a flyer for a Comedy Show he was in. The Comedy Show was at Jamaica town hall. It was $10 a person.  Jay was the opening act. There were two other acts as well as the main act Robbie Alper. It went well and Jay enjoyed it. The end.

Alley played Pico, Fermi, Nada this week in the meeting area. It was fun.

On Thursday it was Rebecca’s share day.  She shared her flamingo and her dolphin. She got them from Cork.  Her family went there because her mom is from there.  They went to a wildlife park called “Fota Island”.  They saw lots of baby animals there.  First they say a baby giraffe. It was great. Then baby cheetahs they were also great and then there was a baby tiger it was great. Then they saw a flamingo.  They saw a lot and then they went to the toy store.  Rebecca got a flamingo and a dolphin and then they went home.

Questions with Kira. Zooey and Emma made questions for Alley’s friend named Kira. They wanted to learn about pregnancy. They thought about it when Alley knitting baby clothes.  They made questions because they are curious.  They are curious about pregnancy. One question they came up with was “why don’t you want to know whether it is is a boy or girl?”  Zooey and Emma were excited to see Kira.

We facetimed her! We asked her a lot of questions about what it feels like to be pregnant.  We were really curious about pregnancy.  We really wanted to know if it is a boy or girl! We were excited to learn from Kira.

One beautiful day Nacho came to school 20 minutes late miserable and then he saw a dog at school and his frown turned upside down.  He asked who the dog was and everybody yelled, “Maeve!” and we all gave Maeve attention. She gives great hugs.

The butterflies flew to Mexico when we were doing a parade.  The butterflies flew to Mexico because it was getting cold in Vermont.


Gabriel, Phinneas, Caleb, Jade, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Emma, Colby, Eden, Nacho and Jay.”

(This was taken from journal entries and closing circle comments)

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