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Week of October 15th, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

We just returned from a trip to the South Gate at Merck Forest where we met Rob Terry. Rob Terry is the executive director of Merck forest and he taught us about watersheds and how water is essential to life. We spent time noticing quietly, asking questions and floating sticks in the water. Thank you Rob for being a generous and patient host. We can’t wait to return to Merck. Thank you everyone who helped get Leigh’s car out the mud too!

“We are doing Spanish and learned the alphabet. I am learning a new language with Meghann.”-Cole

“Caleb drew a map of Mad Tom. The class drew map tom this week at school.”-Caleb

“This week Noah was picked from the randomizer a lot. The randomizer is a way we pick fairly. And it is a box that Sarah puts her hand in. Then her hand pulls out a name in our class. It was kind of weird when Noah was picked a lot. To sum it up it was cool because it was interesting.”-Cian

“Andrew teached music on Tuesday in the community room.”-Abby

“We read the book “Substitute Teacher” by Chris Gall. It’s a great book and I love it. So Sarah said we can write our own book. I decided my creature’s name is pluguine. It’s a penguin that can fly and it’s penguin samurai”-Noah

“Emma lost a tooth on Wednesday outside at snack.”-Emma

“The class had quiet time with Squeak at 2:30 on the class rug.”-JJ

“This week we had carpentry with Grandpop. We carved out stencils of animals and a teddy bear. I did an elephant. First, we traced the stencils out with a pencil. Then we cut it out with a jig saw. Then we sounded the stencils that we cut out and it turned out really great. It was a lot of fun and I hope we get to do that again.”-Kelley

“On Thursday there was carpentry and Zooey had girl time with Sarah. They started playing string games. After carpentry was done everyone came upstairs and we started doing string games!”-Zooey

“Me and Zooey read today on the couch for reading buddies. We read rainbow faeries. The end. This is a famous book by Hazel.”-Hazel

“Pickles the cat! She came to visit us. she ran over to us. She came out of the woods. She is cute because she is nice. She is awesome because she is fluffy. We held her. Overall, I love pickles.”-Rebecca

“Meghann made us do art today in the community room. We’re making skulls. It really keeps the kids busy and it’s really fun.”-Mischa

“On Thursday we had P.E. It was super duper pooper cool! We had it inside because if it was outside we would freeze. Maxine taught it and she is a really good teacher. There were some HARD workouts. I’m way stronger after that class!”-Eden (Thanks Maxine!!)

“On Thursday we had P.E inside. We had to to do 15 laps around the community room instead of 10. Then we did strength training  with Maxine. First, we did core exercises. Then we did and then leg exercises (to me, it mostly felt like self-torture). Some of the exercises we did were bicycle crunches, squats and shoulder lifts. Conclusion:IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!”-Addis

“I had P.E in the community room. My mom taught us crunches, we used water bottles as weights. We danced. We drank our water bottles at the end. We had P.E Thursday for morning work.”-Gabriel

“Maeve followe Alley everywhere today.”-Matilda

“Charlie saw snow last night at school.”-Charlie (Winter is coming!)


Red Fox Community School

Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mischa, Matilda, Abby, Emma, Charlie, JJ, Caleb, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Noah, Cian, Kelley and Cole

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