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Week of October 16th, 2017

“Dear Everyone,

We went to the Equinox Calley Nursery on Friday.  We went to buy donuts for the harvest festival.  We also watched them make donuts.  We went into the corn maze.  We also picked pumpkins.  We talked about agritourism and how some farms offer experiences instead of just things to buy.

On Monday we had espanol. We are going to make a restaurant.  We made a list of things we needed.  We could only speak Spanish. Food was labeled in Spanish.  It looked hard.  The restaurant will open in a few weeks.

Jesse, Addis’ dad, brought pumpkins in (thanks Jesse).  Two of them are tall enough to sit on! The little we got to measure them side by side or their height. Gabriel liked sitting on the pumpkins.

We have a fox box for appreciations. People wrote messages for other people.  We write kind messages and then we read them during closing circle. One day Alley gave us assigned people. Emma got Nacho.  Nacho has been really nice to Emma in the woods so she wrote about that in the fox box.  We like the fox box because we like being appreciated.

One day Addis and Noah were walking in the woods and they heard the girls and hid in nearby brush and slowly walked in the brush.  Then all of a sudden they saw the girls walking so they took even more cover after they were gone.  They looked around and saw an awesome fort base and from that day on they been building it better each day.  Eden joined them and they work on it during outside time everyday.  It’s awesome.

This week our class had music. We used boom-wackers. Boom wackers are plastic tubes with keys within them.

This week the older kids went on a field trip.  We went to Nature’s Market.  Alley drove us. Also the 2nd oldest group went too but just at a different time.  The 2nd and 3rd graders went first.  They worked on things that came in groups.  Next Jay’s group of 4th graders went on their field trip.  They worked on figuring out what they could buy with $20 out of the bulk bins.  Then they figured out how much it would cost per oz with different products.  After they got $5 to pick out a snack we could share with the whole class. They got cookies.  The 2nd and 3rd graders got lollipops when they were at Nature’s Market.  And the best part of the trip was saying “quinoa” in weird ways.  They decided to make a commercial about “quinoa”.  All in all “Quinoa” is fun to say.

Everyone got to eat the cookies and lollipops the other day at school from the math field trips. Caleb liked eating them.

Zooey is researching on goat birth.  She has 1 book on the subject. Well, the book has more than just kidding in it.  It has much more chapters with so many other subjects about goats! She got all her research materials from Alley because Alley has goats.  She has two (maybe three) pregnant goats at her house.  Zooey needed something to do by herself so we decided that she is going to research goat birth and help Alley deliver the goat babies.  She really hopes this happens next year (2018) because she loves pregnancy!!!

On Thursday Maeve, Alley’s dog, came in and Rebecca got to read to her.  She came in our school.  Our school got to pet her.  Maeve likes to kiss Rebecca and she is here to help us be calm.  Rebecca gets to walk her at outside time.

We made race cars and made a race track after newsletter and sat by the tree to race.  We are building race cars.

The school had a harvest festival!  A big thank you to Sarah and Leigh for organizing our first ever harvest festival! We hung donuts from a tree and had to eat them without our hands.  We made apple cider with the Tschorn press (thank you Jesse for managing the cider).  We painted pumpkins and James helped carve our designs into the big pumpkin. Jeremy helped hang our birdhouses in the woods.  AJ painted everyone’s face (thank you AJ for doing that for hours).  We weaved a natural fort (thank you Levis’ for getting that project started).  Penelope, Alley’s goat, was there.  Thank you everyone for coming and contributing!


The Red Fox Community School

Gabriel, Caleb, Phinneas, Jade, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Colby, Emma, Eden, Nacho and Jay”

(This was taken from journal entries and closing circle comments)

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