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Week of October 19th, 2020

“Dear Everyone,

“Lumi is our class pet. She just came a week ago. She lives in a cage next to the class library. The cage is white and on the bottom purple. She eats some bunny grain and hay. Sometimes she comes out and we pet and play with her.”-Wednesday

“Yesterday, we had our 3rd music class. It was raining, we used a tent. We practiced songs and stuff. We watched a video, but the internet connection was bad. But, over all, it was fun and it was with Maxine.”-Evelyn

“Everyone in my class played in the rain. It was so super duper fun. I loved it.”-Aila

“On Wednesday the Eagles had work time. It is fun because it’s rare for the Eagles to have work time. Me and Evelyn played checkers and Lumi was out.”-Charlie


“The class is doing an Abenaki tradition of making acorn flour. We do this by collecting them and breaking them open, then dehydrating them. We took the nuts out of the shells after dehydrating them.”-Max

“I saw Nutty.”-Violet

“I played with my basketball at school.”-Barnaby

“This week in art we did paper mache skeleton heads. We did it to celebrate dia de los muertos, the day of the dead. We also glazed our pots that we made a few weeks ago. I glazed mine yellow, blue and red.”-Edie

“Cassia was lost.”-Isla

“I got lost.”-Cassia


“Yesterday, there was a dog roaming around the school. We had a substitute teacher yesterday. The dog was brown with some blonde. It went up the Long Trailers too. It ran super fast. It ran to the field across from where we are, and went into the bushes. It kept on going to our field, and the field across from us. We don’t know if the owner found the dog but I hope they did.”-Abby

“This week we saw a dog and it was sooo cute. I was almost about to pet it, but then it ran away and I did not see see it ever again.”-Mack

“There was a dog that came to the school. It was cool watching it run.”-Gabriel

“The dog got lost.”-Talon

“My dad came and cleaned up the garden bed and smoothed out the rocks.”-Beckett

“The Land of Stories. When Alex and Conner’s grandmother gives them a big book of fairy tales called, “The Land of Stories” they fall into the book. They experience people both kind and brutal. They set off to collect the items to send them home. The spell can only be used two times and it has already been used once and someone else wants to use the spell. It is a book we are reading as a class.”-Jordis

“I liked the book Dominic.”-Thomas

“Mr.Fox Game. Fantastic Mr.Fox is a game we play. It’s really fun to play. We do it at community meeting so everyone will play. So, it’s about a fox that will say “What time is it?” but not the real time. Any time he or she wants when they say the time that’s how many steps you have to take but if the fox sees you move then you go all the way back. You win the game by reaching the fox, but you need to take small steps. Once you win you’ll be the fox. THE END.”-Jospeh

Fire. On Thursday, the whole school made a camp fire! Me, Edie and Abby were the fire masters because we are the oldest. Everyone still helped but me, Abby and Edie built, lighted and fed the fire. We will light the fire again tomorrow and roast apples! People had different groups for each thing we needed to build the fire. We needed tinder (small sticks) kindling (wand size sticks), logs and rocks and birch bark. First, we used the tinder to make a teepee. Then, we used the birch bark and weaved it through the tinder. After, we used the kindling to make a log cabin thing around the teepee. We used the rocks to make a circle around the fire so the fire could not go anywhere it’s not supposed to go. We will use the logs tomorrow. All in all it was warm and fun.”-Rebecca

“Aila and I went hunting for treasure.”-Hugo

“This Friday we are going to S.V.A.C (Southern Vermont Arts Center) in Manchester. We will be dropped off and picked up there 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. We will be looking at art and doing activities. Only one parent from the Eagles and one from the Owls can go.”-Leo

“This week we are going to S.V.A.C. S.V.A.C is a art gallery. It also does shows and sometimes does some camps. I know because I have done some of them. The ones that I have done are acting and circus. I think we are going to look at some art.”-Nina

Love, Red Fox Community School Hugo, Aila, Thomas, Winter, Isla, Barnaby, Cassia, Talon, Violet, Mack, Gabriel, Beckett, Evelyn, Max, Jordis, Nina, Wednesday, Leo, Joseph, Charlie, Abby, Rebecca and Edie

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