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Week of October 21st, 2019

“Dear Everyone,

“We fed Lumi at jobs at school.”-Beckett

“Lumi is our class pet. We play with her at work time and she is not a toy. She lives at school.”-Emma

“Yesterday I made baby pug’s playhouse. It’s made out of blocks. It has it’s own security system. It has a big rocket. Overall, it’s my best block structure yet! (Because the security system WORKS!)

“Baby pug playhouse and it has a security system.”-Talon

“Even numbers can break into doubles.”-Henri

“Last week I went to Canada. It was a 9 hour drive to the airport but first we stopped at a hotel. The food was very good. I got fish and chips. It was very fancy. The rooms are pretty nice and there was a good view on to the beach. Then we slept. Then we went to the airport and we had to wait. Finally we could go. Then we landed on the island. Then we went to the cabin.”-Colby

“Last week my family and I went to Canada. We stayed in a cabin next to the ocean. There was a huge buck in someone’s yard.”-Caleb

“On Wednesday we all made pumpkin pie. It was very fun. After it was done it was good. But, I had to leave early for my MRI. The MRI was not fun at all. This morning we ate the pumpkin pie. It was very, very, very, very good!”-Charlie

“Yesterday, we had cooking and made pumpkin pie. It was really good. We had it the next day which was Thursday at morning meeting. We added a cup of sugar, 2 cups of pumpkin, some cinnamon and milk and we ran out of ginger so we didn’t have that in it. But it was still really good. We are also making 23 more for a meal kit for the community food cupboard. We are going to the community food cupboard on Friday.”-Rebecca

“Red Fox made pumpkin pie yesterday at school. Yesterday, some from Red Fox played soccer at the old gym. Red Fox got a new song on Monday at school. The new song was dead skunk. I helped make the song card.”-Matilda

“On Wednesday we had soccer club. This was the first time I went so it was new to me. Our coach was named Paul. We call him “Farmer Joe” because he wore boots and and overalls to the first practice (and because “Farmer Bob” and “Farmer Steve” didn’t roll off the tongue so well.) First, we had a discussion about passing and guarding and then we learned a move called the sole drag. We practiced that for a while and then we played a scrimmage game. We played in the gym so it was pretty small. A hot, active, busy, fun day!”-Addis

“We took out Chromebooks and researched. We researched about hibernation animals. My animals are a racoon and a bat. After we played Splash Math. Splash math is a math game to help out skills. I was doing rounding. Having a Chromebook is fun.”-Nic

“Gabriel is sick when we got back from the island. Gabriel got sick at home.”-Ryder

“Talon got sick. On Wednesday Talon got sick, here a private interview I got by asking Talon. A Q and A with Talon Jenkins! Q: Did you barf? A: Yes Q:How many times did you barf? A: 3 Q:Where did you throw up? A:All three times in the sink Thank you for coming. Let’s hope it wasn’t too bad!”-Zooey

“The owls had work time on Thursday in the classroom.”-Hazel

“This week we are going to the Community Food Cupboard on Friday. We are giving them canned pumpkins. The community food cupboard is a place where less fortunate people go to get food. This week has been a good week.”-Cole

Love, Red Fox Community School Talon, Henri, Ryder, Gabriel, Hazel, Matilda, Beckett, Emma, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Nic and Cole

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